24/7/365 Slave Book, Recommended Read


It is no secret that I hope to one day enter into a 24/7/365 FemDom relationship (with the right slave for Me, of course) and so I recently found this online book by Mistress Ingrid Bellemare. Although written to the Dominant woman, I think it gives great insight into what a slave can potentially be in his true submission. Interesting read, enjoy.

Respectively Submitted,

Mistress Lynne


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3 thoughts on “24/7/365 Slave Book, Recommended Read

  1. You might be right, may be if women ruled this world then there would be piece and no wars. but a proper relationship, should not be that of a slave, it should be equal respect and kindness. Yes, it is a nice thing to show great respect, open doors, buy chocolates and nice gifts and care for your lady brush her beautiful hair every day, do some cooking, housework, and laundry, ironing her clothes for her, even do a nice pedicure, giving her a nice massage and bath her in some lovely oils, is lovely thing to do. Take her out on a romantic evening and tell her how grateful you are to belong to her, these re lovely things to do for the princess you love with all your heart. always be there for her, and when she cries take her in your arms and comfort her, dry her tears away with nice words. a loving relationship, all these things should come naturally. However, when you look how easy it is to train men up, to be soldiers and kill, one wonders, would the world be better place id women were totally in charge? A woman should also be in control of sex, so she is not harmed in any way, or forced against her will and her man should respond to her loving needs in the most tender way to give her the most wonderful feelings possible, and together they should merge as one being, because the male and female needs the other. He should rest in her arms, and read her a nice love story. there are many ways to serve a lovely woman, without being a slave, a man can be the best friend to a woman, if he stops being afraid of her. Yes, many men are afraid of women, they are afraid of the beauty and don’t know how to respond, and often mess things up. May be from an early age he needs to be taught how to care for a lady. Yes, it is true women are better than men. after all we all start off as female, until hormones turn some into men, the inferior species.

  2. It is some very interesting reading.

    I am curious, have you been to OWK in the Czech republic? It sounds like an interesting place.

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