Email from a Follower

Hello Mitress Lynne,

I have just  read your article on  your site and i wanted to say thank  you.

I m a 36 years old man and i love too much woman at a point that i never had sex with one, but à lot of relationship 🙂 Women has too much power over me and love my Way  to be attentive and very sensitive about her needs.

I am  totally agree with your point of view but please do not put all men in the same basket 🙂 for exemple,  my goal is not to have sex with a woman but only pleasing her mentally, with affectation,  présence, humor and physically the Way she likes.

My pleasure is to be able to give her pleasure.

Best regards

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Email from a Follower about My last post, and My response.

Hi Goddess Lynne. You seem to be having terrible luck when it comes to
dating and I was just wondering where or how you are meeting these
individuals? I imagine that you probably get a higher percentage of
jackasses than the average women for sure.  It is such a shame that they
all blow their chances in such terrible and stupid ways seeing as that
they will never encounter someone like you ever again. It is kind of
ironic to. Being in a good relationship with you would most definitely
yield the best sex life that they ever had but they are to dumb to
realize that.  Anywho, don’t worry about it to much as there are plenty
of good vanilla and or submissive men out there one of which you will
cross someday.     

Take care 

The writing was a “metaphor”. Not something that word by word happened recently. A metaphor. I am happy. No worries, Thank you


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Letter from a Follower about wanting My Blood

thCA6JWKREI want all of it, from first spotting to last clotting. I want your ovum! Straddle me doggy as I prop my head on pillows pushing my face, my mouth, into that oozing cunt while I reach caressingly around your full shapely ass to pull your vaginal lips apart & watch bloody freshets course down the labia, cascade over your swollen crazed clit & into my hungry devouring vampire’s mouth. Want to suck my cock? You can. But the Main Event is taking your bloody pussy. Hours later you’ll admire the magnificent mask of menses my face becomes after your orgasmic frenzies, your spurting gush, have baptized me. For delicious perversity, you’ll play the Witch Bitch Goth Girl in High Priestess Mode performing The Sacrament, riding my mouth as I glimpse your belly, your boobs, your muah lips crooning, intoning “This is my body broken open for you, my blood of the New Age Covenant shed for you. Take! Eat me!”

A real lover will kneel between your legs, catch the string in his teeth & tug gently till the tampon is clear & with a toss of his head flick it over his shoulder & eat you.

But perhaps, Big Girl, you have a heavy flow & bleed through a maxi every hour? Tell me… tell me… Nourish me, Mama!

The fluids of life – of which menstrual blood is primary – are sacred & should never be wasted. “Father, I have sinned,” she replied. Pushing her legs apart & snuggling into her bloody pussy I commanded, “Flow & sin no more!”

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Letter from a Follower, enjoy!

Hello Mistress Lynne,

I’m just writing to say that I really enjoy Your writings, particularly with regard to the power of chastity. I’ve spent some time recently engaged in self denial/chastity and it truly is very powerful. As a cross dresser who loves heels, the urge to worship a woman in heels is always there and is especially strong when I am chaste.

Continued success with Your writing. I don’t expect a reply unless You wish to grant one.

Respectfully submitted.

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When a man leads with “I just want sex and no relationship” by Mistress Lynne

Men are idiots, I think we can at least agree on that one. Men are ruled by their cock, so much so that they expect women to be too. Women don’t have problems focusing because we haven’t cum in all of 3 hours. Women don’t get paralyzed at parts of the day unless they jerk off or have someone do it for them.

And for some reason men think that us women will accept this pathetic-ness in our lives! That we are forced to succumb to the needs of a man simply because that is what they want. What the fuck do we care?

So, yes, it bothers Me that for some reason men think it is okay to ask someone for sex and claim, at the same time, they do not want anything else. OH WELL, FUCK ME THEN. And I don’t mean in a literal sense either.

Let’s take a look at this. You start talking to a man, you get along, you have some things in common, and you find him attractive and even though you asked him not to send a cock picture, he does anyway, so you know he has a cock worth looking more into. You set up a date to meet. So, you get dolled up. You leave your money at home because you know this is the kind of guy that will cover the bill. You are excited. After months of no sex, no dating, no hope. You are excited to go meet him. This guy seems like the real deal.

You meet and you two hit it off. You are thinking to yourself “wow, lucky Me, he likes Me and we have good chemistry”. You have a good conversation, you are both happy and having fun. What could be better? You start to think of that nice cock picture he sent and you think of how it would feel. You are in a dream world, ready to hop in bed and SCREACH………………….. everything comes to screeching halt……………… because ten minutes into meeting you he says the following “I just want sex, I am not looking for a relationship” and, right there, right at that moment, your mind switches, and the food hasn’t even arrived. Now all you are thinking about is how you can get out of this situation quickly and without embarrassment.

This is not how a man is supposed to lead. This is a mistake. First, women, even women who want just sex, do not understand the concept of sex without relationship. There are so many kinds of relationships and just having sex with someone IS A RELATIONSHIP. That is why I think this is so stupid. Sex without relationship is a BIG BUSINESS, so please, let’s get this right, that is called being a paid whore. And that is a hell of a lot better of a proposition than the one being presented to you at the moment. Because this man is rude enough to ask you to be his paid whore except he is also not willing to pay you!! WTF. At least if you say, “I am just looking for sex but I am willing to pay you for your time”. At least then we can consider the extra money and take it or not. But just asking us to give up our vagina with no emotion and no money? This is truly an insult.

So, I am going to be honest with the world and I am going to tell you what happens in a woman’s mind when a stupid man leads with this “I don’t want a relationship, I just want sex” pick up line. Which happens probably 75% of the time, that’s how stupid men are. Well, first, what our mind does is back track to ourselves. We begin this process of thinking as to “Why” this man doesn’t want a relationship and, at first, we blame ourselves. This man doesn’t even know us. How does he know he wouldn’t want any sort of true connection with us. Is it Me? We ask (in our head). We are at dinner together, talking, having fun, getting to know one another, what is the sense? We may as well end the night right there, because just us having dinner is a relationship. We are still sitting there and now this asshole wants a response from us and if we haven’t left the table yet, he will say “what about you”? What a crock. You expect us now to react to your stupid self, if you were to get a genuine reaction from us girls with that stupid ass comment ten minutes into meeting you, it would be the following…. “Hey jerk off, have a great life alone, you asshole, do women really fall for this bullshit”? Then comes the glass of water which would be thrown directly on his face and the beer we are drinking poured out on his stupid ass dick as we run (and I mean run) for the restaurant door, get in our car, and leave the parking lot before he realizes he now has to still pay for our beer and dinner is on the way out.

So, men are going to read this and say “Oh but Mistress Lynne, you are so wrong. I lead with this line all the time and I sometimes do get laid”. Well, then I challenge you to look ahead to what those girls did after. They probably attempted to have some sort of relationship with you. A text the next day, a phone call, one day they are upset you got your dick listed on craigslist, they don’t want to share cause they don’t want dirty girls on your cock cause its gross, or they chase you down and drive you crazy, or they think you will change your mind, and you go with it and when it gets to that point you will say “But hun” (fuck I hate being called hun) “I told you I did not want a relationship, I was honest with you from the beginning”. And now it is the girls fault, you pin it on her!!! Dick head. True, women should be more like Me and RUN from this man. But, some women think that men are joking simply because sex without relationship is impossible. I doubt there is any “non relationship” when it comes to unpaid sex between two people that like one another.

Now I am not saying that we are all looking for marriage and kids. Some of us have already done that. Not what we seek. But to have NO relationship? What does that mean? I can’t text you? I can’t expect to have sex with only you and keep My body safe from potential disease? This is a right I have a human being, to protect My health and well being. You are asking Me to do what? Be at risk of dirty girls fucking you while I am fucking you? No thank you. Then, there are all sorts of kinds of “relationships” out there in the world. So you say “relationship” and we are supposed to now act in what way? No friendship, that is a relationship. No dating, that is a relationship. No cuddling, that is a relationship. No going out with friends, that is a relationship. No calls from you to say hi and act like you care, that is a relationship. No gifts, that is a relationship. No pleasing Me, that would risk a relationship between us. No sleeping with others when getting regular sex from Me, that is a relationship. No talking about you to others, again, a relationship.

Also, when you tell a woman that you wish only for her to wet your dick and nothing else. In our heads, we think, this guy desires to be alone the rest of his life!!!??? That seems like a very unsafe person to be around. I mean who on Gods green earth wants to be alone for all eternity. A person like that is emotionally unavailable and I bet ten bucks emotionally abusive. Sorry, that’s the truth. An emotionally unavailable man is bound to be emotionally abusive and willing to hurt you because he does not care. Because if you don’t care about My feelings, then you will hurt Me and since you don’t care about “good relationship” with others, you don’t care about Me, therefore you will hurt Me, is pretty much what you are saying with that comment. And I would rather die alone Myself than be with someone who is so emotionally unavailable that he is planning his future to die alone.

You may say, “but it isn’t true, no one wants to be alone, so it can’t be” or “perhaps he is looking for the right person” but, thing is, if you lead with this comment then ultimately you are not allowing yourself to open up and learn more or be vulnerable. I mean, we barely sat at the table and here you are leading with “I don’t want a relationship, I only want sex”.

When a woman hears this and we are then expected to respond. Most women will lie and manipulate their words to try and be polite or to become what that man is looking for. But, trust Me, no woman wants sex without some sort of chemistry, friendship, or relationship. We didn’t show up to have dinner with you so you could pimp us out, you fuck head. We would rather be home. Not sharing our vagina with a dirty man who is going to turn us into his rag doll and throw us out onto a highway road when you are done. FUCK YOU and FUCK YOUR NON RELATIONSHIP.

It is not okay to hurt people. And you have already promised to hurt Me in that comment. So I am sitting at dinner with you and I am ready to run. But I say “yah, Me too”. Why? Because tomorrow I will not be responding to you and right now I just have to get through this date and at least get dinner and drinks out of you. Hahaha, dick head. I got a free dinner and you are going back to dirty men who want to suck on your big dick without a relationship. You are really better off being gay at this point. Let those men suck you off and be alone he rest of your life. Good luck to you.

Thank you, but No Thank you!

Mistress Lynne 8/19/16

(972) 885-9663

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What happened to Zeus after his knee to the balls…. – Response written by a Follower, enjoy!

As Zeus began to worship his way up to her luscious lips she had stopped
him just as he was kissing his way up her torso. She looks down at Zeus
as he is on his knees and says to him, ” Look up at me.” Zeus, down on
his knees know looking up at her beautiful face is now locked in to eye
contact once again with her, paralyzed by her energy once again just
waiting for her command. She then gently rubs her hand all around his
head and then grabs him by his chin and points to the ground and says,
“Kneel down with your face looking down at my feet.” Zeus does exactly
what she says to do without hesitation and she then says, “Now I want
you to stay on the ground and follow me.” She then walk over to a shady
area underneath a big tree with Zeus following behind her on his knees
as if he were put under a spell. She stops, sits down on the ground with
her back against the tree, gently caresses Zeus’s chin with her hand,
and pulls him right in under her purple dress. She then lifts up her
dress as he is pleasuring her and says, “Now look up at me.” Zeus looks
up at her and she says, ” I want this image to be burned in the back of
your mind. I want you to remember where you are right now. I want you to
remember whos feet you kneel before and I want you to taste my sweet
juices in your mouth every time you shoot your lightning bolt. I want
you to remember who you serve.”

Hi Goddess Lynne. Just letting you know that this is “Jack” from your
blog comment section. I have a new email address due to my other one
being bombarded with nonsense advertising. Just writing a possible
ending to Zeus’s day and to tell you how much I appreciate your blog.
Take care.    Jack

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A Fantasy written by a Follower – “Mistress Lynne is on Her way!” Enjoy!

I just got off the phone. “She’s coming,” I say. Mistress Lynne is on her way to assert her dominance over my pathetic manhood.
As you arrive, you instantly shoot a knee directly into my balls.

“As a slave you will not stand in my presence again. Consider the knee to your vulnerable little balls a warning that you did not deserve.

Now go and grab my things from the car. We will be spending a lot of time together this summer, so I hope you can handle what I will give you. You will quickly learn to respect and worship me or I have a feeling that those little things between your legs will no longer work by summer’s end.”

*Grabs balls and Laughs* “These pathetic little balls of yours are all it takes for me or any other woman to have complete control over your entire life. I could, with just these two fingers *Presses thumb and forefinger into balls* have you begging for mercy and completely within my control. Now, I told you to go and gather my belongings!”

After I return from gathering your things out of the car, I see you sitting on my couch wearing nothing but your lingerie and a set of high heels, each of which you have instructed me to purchase for you.

“I want you spread eagle in front of me this second. What do we have here, little guy? Are you wondering why I am putting your little penis in this metal chastity cage? It’s because you’re a pathetic little bitch and I own that cock and balls. I would never let you anywhere near my pussy with a little pecker like that. As I instructed, you purchased the most snug fitting chastity cage on the market. Put it on right now.”

As I begin to struggle putting the belt on, you notice my penis is twitching and I can’t hide my attraction to being controlled by my ‘manhood.’

“You men seem to think that this little piece of flesh makes you powerful, but I can bring you to your knees with one flick of my foot or one tiny little padlock. I want you to understand that because of this, I can absolutely control your entire existence. You will be begging for mercy and I will sternly remind you that you asked for this and there is nothing you can do to stop it now.”

I hang my head in shame, but continue to struggle fitting the tight chastity belt on.

“For your inability to control yourself, you tiny-dick loser, you will be punished. I am going to put this ice pack directly on your cock and balls to force you into this cage. I want it to be so tight that if you even think about having an erection I will be able to see your tiny dick bulging out. And once it does, you will be begging to the point of tears for me to take it off. Instead, I will rub my panties and my ass all over your locked up cock to make it worse. I want you to wish that you were born a woman, with no balls.”

Later on, after I have unpacked your things and prepared you a cold drink of your choice to enjoy outside in the sun by the pool…

“We will be going on a road trip this summer, visiting each of my friends, who have agreed that having a personal slave is way too much fun not to share. You will not cum once this summer. We will walk around naked and in our bikinis teasing you, yet feeling safe with your tiny pecker locked indefinitely. Will will tell you about all the hot guys we fucked — if you’re lucky we might even let you watch. You will be kept in chastity 24/7 unless I decide to really edge you, but you will not cum. If you do cum, intentionally or accidentally, the punishments will become more severe.As you wait on my friends and I this summer, we will continually remind you how your balls make you so vulnerable to a woman’s control. When we are feeling especially cruel, I have a shock collar that I will place on your balls. When we are in public I will be seeking out attractive young women to humiliate and tease you. Aside from that, we will be hosting women’s self defense courses and you will be tied helplessly as the entire class of young, sexy women take their turns destroying your balls for their amusement. There is nothing sexier than hearing my bare foot smash into your pathetic little balls and then see you rolling around the floor in agony. I am just a small little woman, yet I can absolutely destroy you, because you, like all men, have a weak spot. A weak spot that allows dominant women to control every aspect of the relationship. Because of this, you will be responsible for paying for all of our expenses this summer,  including mine and my friend’s personal dates, new wardrobes, and even the items we use to torture you. See? All I did was a lock a piece of metal on your useless balls and suddenly, I’ve got your credit card, your absolutely undivided attention (I dare you to check me or one of my friends out — you will deeply regret it.) From this point forward, consider yourself my property, for which you should be incredibly greatfull. Tell me how greatfull you are for being able to serve me.”

I say, “Thank you so very much mistress for allowing me to be your servant. My balls do make me very weak and I hope that I can stand the punishment that you will give me and that I deserve.”

“Get on all fours and face away from me. I am going to handcuff your hands behind your back so you are truly helpless. Now bend over so I can see those little balls of mine between your legs as they dangle begging for me to kick them. To make sure that you do not quit and ruin my fun I will be tying you up completely immobile. You will not be able to deflect or defend any of my kicks — how does that sound?”

You start by rubbing something on my balls, it feels cool. “Hey bitch, hope you like IcyHot on your balls *Laughs hysterically* “Since I now control your entire life, I was looking through your phone’s contacts and I decided to contact your ex-girlfriend. I hope the two of you ended on good terms, because, I am going to give her every opportunity to exact revenge for any wrong-doings, or even if she just feels like dropping you back at her feet where you belong. I am going to begin forming my first wish list of the summer. Tomorrow, I will put a pair of lacy pink panties over that cage of yours and lead you around by a leash attached to the chastity belt at the mall as you purchase each and every one of the items. We might even get you some things, as I can tell those lacy pink panties are rubbing on your blue balls and making things tight down there, huh? Does that hurt? Oh, too bad. If only you were a real man, with a real dick, I might be on top of your dick right now. Instead, you’re developing the worst case of blue balls you’ve ever had.”

To be continued….

Please let me know if you would like me to continue this story for you or write another one. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it. I do not know how you work this out, but I am desperately craving the attention of a domme and would gladly write continuously for even the slightest of acknowledgements.
I would also be very interested in your cock comparison training. To my knowledge, my penis is just slightly over 7″, but I still feel strongly about small penis humiliation and enjoy having my dick called small even if it is closer to average.

I have many more stories I would like to write for you, if you would allow me. Please take advantage of me and show me what a truly dominant woman will do when she has you by the balls.

P.s. I have never done it, but am incredibly intrigued by chastity play. I might be able to be convinced by a strong enough woman if that is an interest of yours as well.

Mistress Lynne, please allow me to serve you as much as I can being a pathetic weak loser. I am willing to do whatever you tell me to do, simply for the privilege of your time and attention. I am a pathetic little bitch who desires (and deserves) to have a real woman put me in my place. I would love nothing more than for you to tell me how badly my balls need to be punished for simply having them. And then you laugh in my face, humiliate me in front of your friends, and remind me that your perfectly little pussy is much tougher and that there’s nothing I could do to retaliate that would come anywhere near the level of incapacitation that kicking me in the balls or locking me in chastity permanently. Mistress, you can see how pathetic and vulnerable I am. Please destroy my manhood and force me to serve you, however you wish.

also: I am a pathetic ‘man’ who desperately needs to be dominated by a superior woman through ballbusting, enforced chastity, tease and denial, semi-public humiliation, pussy worship and female domination. Also, i dont know why, but I feel like if I were locked in a chastity cage, lacy panties would be the most appropriate underwear choice. I hope some or any of this has interested you. I will sit here, highly aroused, hoping for the response I do not deserve, nor expect. Should you decide to respond, I am willing to do whatever you wish, from photographs to fulfilling personal requests for stories, etc.
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I’m focused on My needs right now, are you?

him: Any plans for the day or evening my lady. I am very interested in the needs you expressed earlier. I have my needs wants and desires. Perhaps we might be beneficial to one other. Peace.

Me: Right now, I am busy doing big things and won’t be available for anyone else’s needs unfortunately. I’m sorry. I hope you find what you seek. Lynne

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Engagement and Break up all in one Text Conversation with Mistress Lynne, ENJOY!

him: me not happy right now

Me: Why?

him: My name Matt

Me: Hi Matt

him: Your name?

Me: Lynne

him: ok, last name?

Me: ?

him: Your last name?

Me: I have no idea who you are, why would I give you My last name. You are some random number that texted Me in the middle of the night and said that you were not happy.

him: You girl, my ex dumped me. Me I’m male. My age 22

Me: Weird, sorry your girl dumped you. Is it because you have a small cock?

him: Me love you

Me: Thanks

him: My ex called Me a little bitch

Me: Do you like “useless worm” better?

him: you get boyfriend yet?

Me: Not yet

him: You marry me? I love you.

Me: Sure of course. I’ve been looking for someone who loves Me for a long time now.

him: Yes, me irish, me speak USA

Me: Love irish boys. I am just going to need you to buy Me a very expensive ring now.

him: My color green

Me: I like purple

him: Me I not get big money

Me: Oh no… Does that mean I don’t get a ring? So sad. Now I am not happy!

him: Me love you Lynne

Me: That’s very sweet

him: You love Me boyfriend?

Me: Can you tell Me what size cock you have? I need like a big cock to truly be in love.

him: 12 inches is My cock size

Me: ooooohhhhh! 12 inches!!! That is very rare especially for an irish person

him: Yes me I am USA

Me: I don’t believe you. I think you are lying. about your cock size and that is something, for Me, that warrants calling you a “little bitch whore” for. And I will punish your cock by putting all kinds of torture devices on it.

him: Me, sorry Lynne.

him: Me, I’m boy.

him: Sorry Lynne.

him: Miss you Lynne.

him: Me not dump you Lynne.

him: You are My love Lynne.

him: Please Lynne.

Me: Wait! Are you trying to tell Me the picture of the 4 inch cock you just sent me is 12 inches? No. No. No.

Me: I need a real man. With a big cock. And a pleasing attitude.

Me: That little cock of yours I would have to put chastity on and you would need to go down on Me 24/7 with NO release. Ever.

him: Me am real man

Me: No. You are a man that needs to know where your place is. Below Me, licking My pussy.

him: Me am man, you picture, your body, please Lynne

him: Me, I’m real man

Me: Not according to that picture…

him: Me want you picture all body parts Lynne

Me: I’m just trying to be honest with youso you know why your girlfriend broke up with you. Now you know what you need to do to get a woman to be pleased by you. I am doing you a favor by being honest.

him: yes. Me want get you women.

Me: Put your little cock away for the rest of your life and you’ll be better off for it. No woman wants that.

him: Please Lynne love me!

Me: I’m sorry, I could never fall in love with someone with the size cock that you have. And then on top of that, you lied about it.

Me: Unfortunately, I am going to have to break up this engagement.

him: Please Lynne, no, I love you

Me: It’s not you – It’s Me

him: Me, I’m not lied you. I tell truth my penis love you too!

him: My body loves you!

Me: The picture told the truth. Until you accept your place in this world you will always have bad luck with women. But, I do have to go now. Thank you for getting in touch.

him: My home You are woman. Please picture send you body Lynne. Please me promise you Lynne.

Me: I sent the picture of My body to the guy with a big cock I am hoping to get his tounge on My vagina later tonight. Do you think after he licks My wet dripping pussy that he will put his big cock in My tight girl hole? mmmmm What a lucky girl I would be. The only thing luckier would be that big cock shooting his hot huge cumload straight up in My uterus and there is so much oozing cum and comes dripping out. Do you think My Bull is kinky enough to lick Me clean himself or do you think I need a cum whore with a small cock for all that?

him: Hey Lynne picture you send Me

Me: No pictures, I’m done with this.

him: Please picture, your body please Lynne

Me: My camera broke

him: Me want your picture body part send to Me please

Me: I’m serious My camera broke. I don’t know what happened.

him: ok your phone camera. Me like your body Lynne

Me: My phone camera broke too. I left all My cameras in the car when it was hot outside and now they melted.

him: In you home, video camera, all body parts you Lynne

him: Please body parts to Me

him: Like your body parts picture

him: ok, Love You Lynne

him: Me love you boobs Lynne

him: Me am master Lynne

Me: “Master” bator maybe… and you are not getting My pictures to do it. You are excused.


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Zeus gets a swift kick in the balls and he likes it, by Mistress Lynne

Zeus is a strong man. All man. The perfect specimen of a man. Nice body, hard muscles, big cock. A handsome man. Powerful, smart, able to control his surroundings. If he gets pissed off he shoots a lightening rod at someone and they die. And then he’s done with them. After all, he’s a real man and so he doesn’t need anyone. But, one day, he meets a woman.
He’s met women before. He’s had women. Many women swoon over him. And he is an incredible flirt. But Zeus is smart and he gets bored easily. He starts to imagine what it would be like if a woman could take him down. He goes through different scenarios in his head. What it would be like if a woman could literally make him fall to his knees? What would that entail? How would it go down? Would he enjoy it? And then his dick grows hard. Harder than ever before.
So Zeus thinks back to his past and all these girls and how he wasn’t satisfied. How can such a great powerful man want to be placed on his knees by a woman? This is not a conversation you can have smoking cigars with the guys. So he begun to ask random women what they thought about different aspects of him being brought to his knees. Mostly in physical ways such as wrestling or getting kicked in the balls. Or physically being pushed on the floor. He didn’t think of the emotional aspect of being on his knees. He thought only of the physical aspects. A woman powerful enough to physically crumble him to the floor. He wanted to find that. And most girls would laugh and joke around and say “haha, that’s funny, that’s cute” And it was those girls he got bored with. He became overly un-excited by what is being offered to him by women. So much so, he got lonely.
But, men like Zeus don’t stay lonely for long.
One day he met this woman. And he asked her the same questions he asked every woman. What her response was seemed head on with him. And he became fascinated by her answers. She seemed to be the woman that could stand by a man like Zeus and his powerful lightning rod (no pun intended).
Zeus may be strong, alpha, physically built, give an air of not caring or hate but in his soul he is a leader in empathy. He is a kind, gentle, caring man who has good intentions in his ruling of the kingdom. His lightening rod used mostly to protect him from bad people who wish to do him harm. And with this powerful woman, a gentleman. And she takes notice in things many other females overlook in Zeus. The relationship kind of reminds Me of “Beauty and the Beast”. Except the beast is Zeus. He has a kindness you wouldn’t expect. She toys with him. She teases him. She tests him. And then she grabs Zeus straight in his balls, grabs him right where it counts holding tight. Zeus winces, looking her in the eyes and She says “you are My bitch Zeus” and She plants one right on his lips, grabbing his balls tighter with every emotion they both feel it in that kiss She initiated, Her grip on his balls. He was not able to move, resist, or shout out. He winced like Her botch while he embraced her soft luscious lips.
Zeus continued to rule his kingdom after feeling the strong grip of a real woman. He delighted in the miracle that a woman could grab his most sensitive areas and have him paralyzed. Unable to walk away. Defeated in a world where he was the strongest of all. Zeus kept his guard up, he wouldn’t judge quite yet. He watched and observed. he reserved judgement. And when they randomly met again, he was at his best. He stood strong, he was after all, a man and if he chose he could protect and cherish or he could throw his lightening rod and be done with it. His dick though, it grew hard. It had a desire. A deep-seated process inside him that desired Her pain. She saw him staring that day and She had been very busy but She stopped and took notice of this stare. Their eyes locked. And he felt a twinge of shiftiness inside him. He should turn? right… run for the hills? He was caught in his thoughts of wincing in pain for Her, being on the ground, breathing through it.
She smirked teasingly and winked as She turned Her whole body towards his strong presence. Their eyes locked. He did not move. Zeus does not run from anything. She began to walk towards him, diligently, smooth, with grace and confidence. Keeping eye contact. And when She finally reached him, She said “my king, I so kindly lay you upon My feet” and with one thrust forward, up came her knee and She slammed his big balls with the top part of Her knee and leg and Zeus went down like a bug hitting a flame. Right to the ground. His eyes glazed over. And She laughed and said “I told you Zeus, you are at My feet and you must work your way back up to My lips, you silly man”. So Zeus widely opened his glazed over eyes first seeing Her feet as She stood over him now looking like not a man at all and Zeus thought of Her lips and all the parts of Her body in between and he looked up and saw barely through Her pretty purple girl dress that She did not wear underwear. He saw her plump bare ass exposed to his pathetic self. His big dick grew hard. his pain taken by the kick to his balls and he wanted more of Her. He wanted her dirty asshole and sweaty armpits. Her sweet vagina juices, Her orgasms on his lips. His cock raging in delight, his balls so tender, he began to worship his way up to Her luscious lips.
Mistress Lynne 8/7/16
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