“What is Dominance to Me” by Mistress Lynne

I was asked a simple question, after wrapping up a huge amazing chapter in My life, it was Master Harley, who has been mentoring Me for about two years now, asked of Me. Master Harley is a 70 year old man who gained the title “Master” back in Olde School BDSM in the era where you were trained to receive a title such as “Master”. You didn’t just get on a social media account and choose it as your title. And folks didn’t call you “Master” unless you were indeed one. I met him at a function where he was presenting his book, theories, truths, and knowledge to a circle of Dominant women. Many of the women not overly enthralled to hear some his theories but I was hooked. This is what the lifestyle meant to Me. Relationship, knowing the people who connect with you, discovering each individual’s motivations, bringing out the best in people, being a strong leader, being Dominant in all the ways that are NON SEXUAL because what he started with Me was essentially teaching two central things. First, trust no one but do always trust your instincts. Second, Dominance is not about anything sexual, gender, or even overly erotic things. Dominance is a state of being, it knowing oneself and fighting always to be true. To see people, read people, and understand others for who they really are and how important it is to pick up on each person’s motivation.

When it came to individual motivation, I didn’t get it. It took Me months to get it. Master Harley told Me this is essential to being a good Dominant and until I got it, I couldn’t move forward. It still took Me months and then, one day, I got it!!! And when I did, it became very real to Me. What this means, and I realized he was right this was not about gender, sex, or overly erotic things. It is about people. Individuals and helping them become better on their very own. Getting to know them, listening, and not playing on their weaknesses but on the opposite, their strengths! A good Dominant focuses on the positive and doesn’t play off the negative. The opposite of what I had experienced with other “Dominant” people in My life. But the same Dominance can be used to have a innately positive affect.

When Master Harley presented this question recently, I knew I had an answer and I expressed, to Master Harley during our last meeting, how Dominance is a state of being, an understanding of self, a willingness to understand others deeply, and a motivation to help others become better people. This has nothing to do with gender, sex, or overly erotic things.

Now, most of you notice that I have a way with men that many would agree is abrasive, not trusting, and assumes personal motivation the second some man reaches out to Me. Which is exactly where I dig My heals in, no question. I have a thing for running conversations around them, using their motivation to do it. I think it is fun and, for the most part, not hurting anyone. I do it mostly for personal amusement.

I have accepted My place in My life. I am “that woman” that never got My fairy tale and let’s be real here, once you turn 40 and you have a family to raise, no guy wants to go past My vagina with Me. And that’s fine and since I have accepted the truth that I won’t have My fairy tale, I don’t pretend to be hopeful for My romantic existence. Which allows Me to be aloof and play on a man’s psyche best. Because I have no hope.

I mean, let’s be real, I have been a beautiful, engaging, trustworthy, faithful. nice, good, interesting, and smart person all My life and that really got Me nowhere. All I have is My family and I cherish them and for fun, I screw with men’s heads. Because MEN DON’T STOP !!!! It never ends, and there has to be one woman in the world that will speak up for all women and how frustrated we are.

I am not your typical “Dominant woman”. I am a real person who is Dominant and I know that if you ask person who knows Me in real life, they will tell you I am Dominant. There’s no question, people laugh at you when you suggest otherwise because I am so “nice”. Don’t take My kindness for weakness, My mom taught Me kindness and empathy. But she also taught Me personal strength. No one can take that from Me. So do other people consider Me Dominant because they have seen Me beating men all the time at the local club. NO. I haven’t “scened” in quite some time. Is it because I fuck men from on top? NO. I haven’t had sex in a while either.  Because I love oral sex? NO. That’s not it either, most women love oral sex. I am Dominant because it is just who I am. I am Dominant in life. I always have been.

Dominance has nothing to do with sex, sexual preference, or even what you like in bed. That is role play. A Dominant knows and is clear about what they like and don’t like and they care about the needs of their partner as well. Whether in bed or out of bed. It doesn’t matter. Sexual acts really play no role in Dominance other than sexual fantasy.

And let’s discuss this, because obviously I realize now that Dominant men come here in search of their sexual fantasy to be “submissive” and I use to believe men could be naturally submissive but I don’t anymore. What I sense is men are out to satisfy a sexual fantasy that is not main stream and I don’t take lightly to it anymore. Call Me jaded, call Me wrong, tell Me otherwise. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this. But I do not believe “submissive” is a term used for anything but a sexual act for a man that is not commonly understood. “Submissive” men tapping into a deep level in themselves that is uncomfortable and scary but genuinely comes from the comfort of being in a dynamic where they are in less control and can trust their partner as they did when they were a little boy having a woman care for them and tell them how to be. But, men, all the time, express themselves through sexual needs. I think it is just another ploy to satisfy a man’s sexual need. Which, to be honest, is not uncommon at all with men on all fronts. That has been My many years of experience as a woman dealing with men who want to have sexual relations with Me.

I have been chased and pursued by men all My life. When I was 13, My mom changed our phone number on many occasions because of the calls from boys I would get in Jr. Highschool. That’s when it started. It’s not a joke, I spent My whole life warding off men who just wanted to fuck Me. I wanted love, I wanted it all, and what I got was the opposite of My fantasy. Like if you were to flip My fantasy over, that’s what I got. A flipped over fantasy.

But, as a Dominant person. I will create My own reality from here, now on in, and I can move forward with all I got in My life that I also wanted, My family. And I can’t say that I don’t enjoy the early morning hours when I can drink My coffee and not have to wake a man who wants to be jerked off so ‘he” can get up and do what “he” needs to do or spend his morning yelling at Me. So, I am good. Fuck men and their dicks. I may not be a lesbian, I am totally heterosexual and monogamous. So, I am not sure what to do about that. But who knows, maybe My perfect boy is just around the corner…..

And there’s that hope again… always a small glimmer of hope.

Mistress Lynne 11/6/16


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A text conversation with Me and a married man who sends Me compliments. Enjoy! :)

him: Good Morning Mistress. I hope this letter finds you well. I don’t pretend to know the in and outs of your business. I am just reaching out to remind you that not only do I find you irrefutably goddess like. I also hope that all is well on the steam front. Your an amazing and talented individual and don’t forget it.

Me: Thank you

him: Your ever so welcome. You intelligent artistic explorer of the erotic psyche. You bosomy beauty. You kind hearted misunderstood sweet heart

Me: lol. For someone that has such a high opinion of Me you have ignored Me for many many months.

him: Well Mistress that is because I assumed I annoyed you

Me: I just figured you weren’t single

him: I texted you a couple times and didn’t receive a reply. I just assumed you were otherwise occupied

Me: That’s how you came off, not single.

him: That doesn’t mean the thought of you ever strayed too far away

Me: So you’re not single?

him: I am not Mistress. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that I can’t be your friend and attempt to cheer your sexy ass up from time to time

Me: I appreciate the compliments. A non-single man trying to reach out to Me is not going to cheer Me up. It actually makes Me kind of sick to My stomach.

him: Why Mistress? What’s wrong?

him: Oh I am sorry, should I leave you alone?

Me: It makes Me sick to My stomach that you are with someone else and have a profile on fetlife and that on Sunday morning you’re texting Me to tell Me how wonderful I am and then I can never meet you or be involved with you because you’re with someone else and you’re a cheating asshole.

Me: Why can’t men just be good men?

Me: And what do I care about someone who cheats on somebody that they care about and their opinion of Me – good, bad, or indifferent

him: Mistress I believe you have me figured out slightly wrong.

Me: I don’t really need someone who hurts other people who is in things for their own needs to reach out to Me. I know I am wonderful. I am not slightly wrong, I am slightly right.

him: I don’t cheat

Me: Then take your dick pictures off the internet. You look like someone who cheats.

him: I don’t

Me: So, I don’t believe you. Maybe other people believe you, but I do not

him: I can see why you would think that.

Me: yep

him: And your right and I have my own sexual frustrations and unmet desires.

him: I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just reaching out to you because I too have had tough business times. I am not even sure that’s the case with you. But, just in case it was I was just reaching out to try and distract you and make you smile.

him: I am an exhibitionist

Me: You know what pisses Me off the most? Is men, especially non single men with their dick pictures up cheating on other people, other women, and I’m going to start speaking up for all women and how unfair it is and I don’t care.

Me: If you are respectable and you love her then take your dick pictures off the internet and go lick her pussy.

him: I am respectable Mistress and you know what, you’re 100% right

Me: Then go do it and stop talking to Me

him: I am going to, right now. Thank you!

Me: You want to help Me, go find Me a single man, a good person, who is monogamous who has a dick like yours.

Me: Don’t forget to take down your dick pictures.

him: You can have any man you want

Me: Have a good day

him: I am going to do that right now and thank you for the compliment

him: It’s done, thank you for your guidance Mistress

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Letter from a Follower, thinks he deserves $5.00 an hour !!! WTF… enjoy…

th92TI4BZLI want to work for you, my labor for your time. I don’t even care if you value my time at $5 per hour and I have to work for you for 10 hours just to get a short message. If you will not accept this, please provide a dollar amount and paypal account where I can pay you to be my mistress.

I am really only thinking of maybe 1-2 messages a month, possibly some challenges / dares / tasks / whatever. Need to take online traffic school? I’ll do it. I’ll provide whatever information you require to feel assured that I will not take advantage of this – my one and only goal is to feel the aching in my balls that reminds me that my balls make me, and all men, inferior to women. Their only purpose is to serve as a source of control for women to use and abuse as they choose.

Mistress, I wanted to remind you how pathetic I am and BEG you for the slightest bit of attention. I know I do not deserve this, I but I think you can come up with something that would make it worthwhile for you. I would really really like if you would give me a challenge or a task or anything (even send me an Amazon wishlist). I would like it to involve either wearing panties (i have a very tight pair now that I wear occasionally and secretly) or ballbusting / self-ballbusting. Like I said I do not deserve this, but I will prematurely agree to the terms that:

If you give me a task/challenge/etc to complete, I will complete it within the required amount of time. In return, I will grant 1+ wishes of yours. Additionally, I would like to be given a prompt (as open-ended as you’d like) to write another story for you.
Please know, Mistress Lynne, I will give you everything. If I had the money, I would buy the chastity device of your choice and immediately lock it and mail you the keys. I am not sure if you have keyholder relationships, but I am fully committed to serving a dominant woman. However you would like me to do this, I will. Or else. I can also envision myself helping with day-to-day administration of your website/ blog / fan mail. I’d provide you with any embarassing / blackmail information you’d request to ensure my compliance, but I can guarantee you that I would not dream of jeopardizing this relationship – which although mostly one-way, is entirely fulfilling and erotic for me. I think of you quite often and I hope that you will respond to this message. I would do anything for you Mistress. I will do anything for you, Mistress.
I am sure that you receive this type of message all of the time, which is why i am not surprised that you have not yet responded. I sound desperate, pathetic, and like the bitch I am. I have limited funds, however, I will spend every last single penny of my savings if I have to — I’d prefer to be able to earn my way through working for you (maybe establish an hourly wage and make me earn your attention that way?). But make no mistake, if this is not an option (to work for your attention), I will make every effort to come up with the amount you request. If you do not feel comfortable with the option I presented, please at least provide the dollar figure I should deposit into your paypal account. I am desperate. You already have me by the balls.

The pathetic femdom fantasy running through my mind right now? Being locked in my chastity belt for an indeterminate amount of time with regular releases. Each release, I am made to believe I will be permitted an ejaculation. However, each time you tease me to the edge. Before I am able to cum (humping at the air like a bitch — you’re laughing, I’m crying), you take an ice pack and shrink my boner to the tiny little excuse for a cock it is. Then I am immediately locked back into chastity without release. This continues however long you’d like and the entire time I will be at your service. I will beg to cum, to be released. You will stare me dead in the eyes and say, “Poor little baby. How about I give you a choice? You can hump your pillow wearing your new panties for 1 minute. If you are able to cum, we will start over next week. Otherwise, I will kick you in the balls until you can’t stand back up. I will then lock you away with blue balls. But next week I will let you cum. Obviously, I will take option 2.

When the time comes, you very sexily (and beyond my control) decide to change your mind. Afterall, I can’t object. Not only is my “manhood” under control by the keys I gave you, but I will gladly sacrifice great pain, aching, burning (whatever you like) in my “manhood” in order to prove to you that I am not a man and do not deserve to be allowed orgasm. Continuously teasing me, making my stupid male brain think I will be given a shot at release(with all of my blood in my tiny dick, which is trying to break free from its metal prison).
I can expound if you’d like^
For real though, I may have a mistress locally who would be willing to do whatever you want done to me. I can pay you to provide her with requests and will have them photographed / filmed for you to use on your website. Our initial thoughts were to travel to Victoria’s Secret and to have her speak with the cashier to let her know the purpose of the visit was to find a pair of panties I could wear (preferably over my chastity device that I need to be fitted for). Other ideas include being publicly kicked in the balls and humiliated, being taken to the nude beach and required to endure sunburning of my “manhood,” spending time pool-side / beach-side as a slave, while wearing a shock collar and/or chastity belt, and my ultimate dream — being the stunt dummy in a female-only self-defense course, where my balls are attacked without my ability to stop or block any of it (either with restraints, or heavy punishment for disobedience). If you would like this local mistress to help at all, I can provide you with contact information or act as the communicator on your behalf. Either way, I crave to feel worthless, helpless, and overall ashamed for having balls. I want to know that they are the reason I am so vulnerable. I also want to know that you find satisfaction in completely dominating me. I will become yours and am willing to sign an agreement stating this. Like I said, I do not have much money, but I will save every dollar of my non-bill money and would be happy to allocate it towards you, toys, items, whatever. I really do think that I could provide you with enough value (i know, haha) to make it worth your efforts. I would really like to help increase the amount of content on your site, and I know my subservient brain could come up with an endless stream of stories, videos, ideas, etc for you to consider my humble request. Metaphorically, and I wish physically, I would like to you take your soft hands, grasp me by the balls firmly, and whisper into my ear, “I own these balls, therefore I own you. If I tell you to do something, you do not speak — you do it. I do not care if my requests end up making your tiny little balls hurt. I could wrap a tight rubber band around them and lock you up until they turn purple and fall off. That would actually be kind of sexy. What do you think? Tell me one reason I should not castrate you right now for being so pathetic. Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t expose you for the pathetic little wanna-be man you are.

“Mistress, I truly deserve to be castrated, as I have no use for my balls. However, I think their presence aids your further dominance over my existence. By leaving my balls, you not only can provide me with sources of pain, frustration, control and humiliation, but it reminds me that you own me, starting with my former manhood. One other idea would be to require me to go and get a Brazilian Wax before going chastity belt shopping. Make me get the spiky inserts and make me sleep with them in, running the gauntlet between morning wood from the blue balls and the pain of the spikes. Or have my local mistress film videos of me being edged, teased, denied, ruined, ballbusted, humiliated, cuckolded, tied up, kicked, teased, etc. I will be forced into following your instructions for fear of losing contact with you. Additionally, being reminded that I may never be permitted an erection without flawless behavior should stand as motivation enough. I truly feel fear for the lengths I would willingly go to (at your request) just to please you. Self-ballbusting videos sent to you on command? You bet. I didn’t do it hard enough, so I have to re-shoot? Of course. Spend all day in public wearing nothing but my panties under my clothes? Will do. Make me feel the absolute depths of my embarrassment as you pull my shorts down at the mall to show everyone my panties. Make me kiss your ass and worship your body in public as you lead me around by a leash affixed to my chastity cage. Make me wear signage declaring you as my mistress (and maybe even inviting random women from the public to participate in my humiliation). My simple request is to destroy my manhood. I will do this willingly and will demonstrate my gratitude and appreciation in absolutely any way you would like.

One more example:
You tell me that you will consider my proposal under one condition… I will be placed in chastity indefinitely and will be forced to relinquish all keys to you to ensure my compliance. First, I will be fitted for the belt of your choice (links, requests for model / styles welcomed and desired). Then, I will go lingerie shopping, where I will buy my new underwear, as men as pathetic as me should be forced into wearing the lacy panties that match their patheticness (again, styles, links, brands, etc desired. I should also be required to purchase Mistress an item (or two/ten) if she likes. After I have the belt and the panties, I should be required to film myself having my “manhood” area, including my worthless balls waxed hairless. I will then be required to film all of the following steps, which include locking the belt onto my dick, sliding the lacy panties over-top, putting the only set of keys into an envelope addressed to you (i’m not sure how I could prove this, but I could purchase a lock maybe and have it sent to you from the manufacturer and then you could send me the lock sans-keys — I’ll let you decide). Lastly, I think I should be required to edge myself through the chastity cage with a vibrator or some other method. As time goes on, you may decide to offer me opportunities to earn freedom (or not). If I can not take the punishment, provide an alternative to allow me release (financial maybe, or blackmail / humiliation, both, again, you can direct me to agree to whatever terms you would like… I am just providing options for your benefit and because my tiny little boner is pressing at my panties and this is all I can do to avoid touching it.). If you so chose, I will perform any and all tasks for you personally, for you professionally, or just for the sake of your laughter. Regardless, I envy your position of absolute power over the one part of my body that all other men have pride in. I, on the other hand, agree that my balls should be kicked, made to be denied release, teased mercilessly, and whatever other deserving punishments you can come up with, simply because you are superior and I can not and will not be able to stop you from using my balls to dominate, control, and use me. I simply can not imagine the power you have been granted over my being, I am literally begging you to take me up on this pathetic offer. If you request, I will draft a domme-sub agreement that you can make changes to as you’d like that outlines my role and my agreement to submitting to your every request. You can include any stipulation in the agreement you’d like … I will be faced with two choices: object and lose contact with a Mistress that can finally show me my place, or simply perform the requirement without hesitation because that is my job.

This is somewhat like what I am picturing, however, I would like to write it myself to give you even more control and to make it clear that unless you feel I deserve it, I should be ballbusted and denied orgasm for the period of time that you choose. I think it should also include a provision that outlines the work agreement that you decide (whether I work for your time at a predetermined rate, or that I perform tasks to earn your time, or that we set up a payment schedule of your choice, or possibly a combination). Again, blackmail / humiliation material will be provided at your request, should you find it necessary to grant me the trust necessary to execute this agreement. I am very nervous, but I am helpless to your power and my dick is doing the thinking.

I have stated this before, but I would be very interested in participating in your SPH/ tiny dick comparisons.

Because I can not help myself, I will write an original story next.
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Fantasy Story from a Follower named “Bitch Boy” – Enjoy

thCXXZARG5Bottom line, tell me what to do, when and how to do it. Maybe if I fail to comply, I am ordered to purchase a sturdy chastity belt within 6 hours, lock it in place with keys in the mail to you. Tell me that for my disobedience, I may never be allowed an erection again. Period. Make the challenges increasing difficult and push me to the limit. If I don’t live up to your level, force me to take a video of me emptying an entire bottle of super glue into the lock of my belt. I’d probably beg like the bitch I am and I’d definitely cry and feel helpless, but you don’t care. You had no use for my “manhood” anyway. And you like to see the fear in my eyes as you grab my balls and laugh. “These balls are so fucking pathetic. I can bring you down to your knees with two fingers and you couldn’t even begin to stop me. I’ll bring tears to your eyes, with sadness for being born with such vulnerable organs between your legs conveniently for me to access. But just then, I’ll pull out my vibrator and place it against your cage. The vibrations will feel so good, you will immediately forget the previous six months of chastity with nothing more than wet dreams and countless edgings. Again, you are reminded of how weak you are.

“Bitch boy, I have another task for you. Fail this time, and I will be sending you to my girlfriends cabin to serve her — I can not stand another failure from you. You have been pathetic. I am going to be going on a vacation with my boyfriend. You will shop, pack, and prepare me for the trip. You will also be going with, and I will be handling your belongings. Just know that you will not forget this trip. Now go to the mall, I have a long list of items for you to purchase. Also, give me your credit card, I will be purchasing our three plane tickets. We will be flying first class. You will be sitting in the rear of the plane with a sign on your neck reading, ‘Property of Mistress Lynne. Please kick me in the balls or remind me of the fact that I am not permitted an orgasm. I deserve all of this punishment. I am pathetic.’ I can already picture the stewardesses laughing to each other as they read your sign. I then whisper to them to have you brought to the front of the plane. I will have you stand in front of the entire first-class portion of the plane, wearing nothing but your chastity and panties. I will then ask you to go one-by-one fulfilling the request of each woman on the plane. If you can complete this by the time we land, I will allow you to put some of your clothes back on. If not, you will be immediately humbled, with your balls pulled behind you and between your legs. I will then give you the option of to walking quickly, stretching your balls, or being forced to sit on your balls with your full weight until we arrive at the cabin. Unsure, you will choose to sit on your balls. Mistake! You didn’t realize how painful this option would be, nor did you realize that my girlfriend’s cabin is at the end of a long, bumpy, dirt road. I am sure to go fast over the uneven road so that you feel each bump in your squashed balls. ‘Aren’t you glad we brought you with? I’d like you to be caged at the foot of our bed each night so you can be reminded of what real men do to a sexy woman like myself. But first, I have a surprise for you. Put on this blind fold and stand with your back to this wall.’

Before I realize it, I am tied spread-eagle to a wall. The blindfold is kept on to increase the mystery. Suddenly, I feel my chastity cage being removed and instantly my dick becomes erect. ‘Aww, looks like this little baby dick was horny. Maybe we can change that.’

I then feel a hand rubbing a cold substance all over my dick and balls. The slipperyness of the liquid feels so incredible, I feel like I am going to cum already. Seconds later, I realize what happened. I hear laughing in my periphery and you say, “HAHAHAHHA slave, I am sure you realize that I just covered your precious little dick and balls with Icy Hot. HAHAHA. Hope you have fun. If I hear one word out of you, I will reapply the cream. I will stop ONLY once you endure the cream soaking into your cock and balls without whimpering, crying, whining, or making any sound. We can do this over and over until the trip ends if you’d like. I brought several tubes. You poor little bitch. I bet you like this though, huh? I bet you are so aroused right now, simply because I have unlocked you for the first time in over 6 months. Do you think you deserve an orgasm?”

“No mistress, I do not.”

“So are you saying I should put the chastity cage back on right now, without allowing you to feel any pleasure?”

“Mistress, I would like you to use my former “manhood” however pleases you the most. I would do absolutely anything to be permitted an orgasm, however, I understand if you would prefer to have my balls kicked while immobilized. Force me to beg you for more, even though I would be unable to stand without the restraints. Force me to use the safeword, then stare into my eyes and say, ‘Did you just use the safe word? Funny thing, bitch, you thought that I provided you with a safe word. But there is nothing to stop me from continuing. Why should I stop? I don’t care if this hurts. In fact, thats the exact reason why I am doing this. I want your balls to hurt so badly that you wish deep down in your soul that you were instead born a woman without vulnerable balls between your legs. On top of that, I want you to beg me to do this. And lastly, I will do all of this while you pay for mine and my boyfriends vacation, while you are left in your doggy cage, chastity cage, panties, and shock collar. You are worthless to me. You are lucky it is so easy to control you with those balls, because otherwise I would have them removed immediately. Now I am going to rub my naked body all over that chastity cage to remind you of what blue balls feel like. HAHAH I am sure you are well aware, huh? When was the last time you actually were allowed to fuck a real woman?”

“Mistress, does my fleshlight or pillow count?”

“No. But that has got to be the most pathetic, hilarious question I have ever heard.”

“Well then, it was almost three years ago, then, that I was allowed to penetrate a woman.”

“Oh my. Do you feel that is long enough to solidify the fact that you are undesirable as a man and should be treated with extreme humiliation?”

“Yes, Mistress. Although I would like to make it clear that should you decide I need further punishment, I am willing.”

“Of course you are willing. You don’t have a choice. Even if I untied you and unhumbled you this very second. You would be unable to stop me from asserting my dominance. Try to cover up your balls? Fine. But you forget that from behind, between your legs, they are still accessible. And for thinking that you could stop me in any way, you will spread your legs, hands on head, this very second. 3. 2. Good boy. Now tell me what you want me to do.”

“Mistress, please kick, knee, slap, punch, squeeze, squash, punish, humiliate, or whatever else you’d like to do to my balls. Please do this as hard and as frequent as you’d like. Please continue to do so until you feel satisfied. I would like you to know that I am at your mercy, and I apologize for not being 100% subservient. I deserve to be punished severely. As an option, I would like to offer that you invite as many friends over as you would like to join in the destruction of ‘your’ balls. I will promise to remain standing and at attention for the entire duration of the punishment or I will be forced to play a Femdom game.

I am envisioning me hosting a party consisting of you and 9 friends. I am in chastity, panties, and a shock collar. Each woman is provided a remote to the shock collar and is welcome to shock or vibrate my balls as severely and as frequently as she’d like. For the first portion of the game, I am forced to lick each of you to orgasm. If I am able to achieve that, I will proceed to being suspended off of the ground, legs spread. I will then have my chastity belt removed and I will be left to hang there until my erection subsides (which may be quite a while). In the mean time, you ladies will be pleasuring yourselves attempting to tease me viciously. After my erection finally subsides, I will be given the opportunity to hump the leg of one of the women. The name of the women that you ladies choose will be written down. I will then be forced to complete a scavenger hunt (I will choose to participate with either my hands and feet handcuffed together or to do so with the tightest, spikiest belt I can find on my cock while the shock collar is used to vibrate my balls and induce an impossible erection.

“You will choose to attempt the scavenger hunt without the use of your hands or good mobility (but you will be given freedom from the cage — just think, if you do well enough, I might allow you to put your little dick between my thighs and hump until I force you to ruin your erection 😀 You poor little loser. I bet that sounds like heaven, huh?). Your second option will be to endure the absolute maximum amount of pain we can inflict on your worthless cock and balls while you attempt to complete the scavenger hunt. Make a choice. Now.”

“Mistress, I am not sure, do you have a preference?”

“Too late, you choose both. Spread em and put your hands behind you.”

As I am shackled and forced into the one size too small chastity belt, I can hear the room of girls laughing. Lastly, and not part of the options, I am blindfolded.

“Alright bitch boy, your first task in this ten part scavenger hunt is to identify each of the women simply by the taste and smell of her vagina. I hope you were paying attention earlier. You will be given the opportunity to answer incorrectly three times. Any more than that and we will move on, with you recording a failure for the first item. You will need to be successful on at least 9 of 10 items in this scavenger hunt in order to win. What do you get if you win? I will let you out of your cage and I will allow you to masturbate while looking at me fuck my boyfriend. I want you to think that you will be allowed to cum, but if you do, I will permanently have the chastity locked on your dick and secured by piercing. I will then drop you off at your home, change my phone number, and assure you if you ever attempt to contact me, I will release the entire contents of your blackmail folder, empty your bank account, and I will have your balls sterilized and removed. I will then wear your testicles on a necklace to tease you and I will have you serve as a live-in eunuch. I know, that does not sound as fun as utterly torturing you. The best part? You begged for this. I can’t believe it.


“Poor bitch. Do it again! Tell me right now, bitch boy, when do you anticipate being a real man again and cumming like a real man?”

“Mistress, I will likely never cum ever again. I have accepted that I have no control over this decision, but I will do my best to prove my servitude to you. I should be forced to earn an orgasm, although I would do anything you requested and would do so eagerly. However, I can understand that a large portion of the control involves my orgasms being denied. I can not decide which is more humiliating — being totally denied orgasm to relieve myself strictly through wet dreams, or to be edged and denied repeatedly, before being forced into a ruined and frustrating orgasm to again get my hopes up. Either way, I fully expect to be promptly returned to chastity, laughed at and humiliated, and to beg for further punishment. If I am lucky enough to be able to serve you and your gorgeous friends, I should feel fortunate, for I am not a man, and I do not deserve to see the naked and lingerie/bikini-clad women as attractive as yourselves in person. However, to assure my compliance and behavior, the shock collar on my balls should be used whenever any of the mistresses sees fit. At the end of the day, I should feel broken, humiliated, frustrated, dominated, worthless, and useless. Then I should, without being told to, ask politely for even more. If I can not remember my place, a simple grab of my exposed balls and the reminder that you could pop them right now should serve to suffice. The feeling of power as you grasp my “manhood” to show me that they belong to you, as do I, and that you WILL do as you wish to them is intense. But I crave this feeling 10 times over the feeling of being banished from the presence of Mistress Lynne permanently. I would gladly take any punishment you require rather than being forced to accept that Mistress Lynne thinks I am too pathetic to serve her any longer. I would then be forced to show my doctor the permanently affixed chastity device and be humiliated further by the nursing staff. However, I would have no choice. Even more cruel: Send the keys to an ex girlfriend and allow her to create her own rules for granting my freedom. Maybe she would request that we sign an agreement that I am responsible for paying her bills in perpetuity and also for the upkeep and maintenance of her residence. I will be forced to live in an tiny closet, sleeping upright, with my balls connected to the wall behind me with a metal vice so that they are available for punishment as a means to wake me from my sleep. I should be forced to make tributes to Mistress Lynne permanently and also required to continuously purchase Amazon Wishlist items of her choosing. I will never posses any money, all of it will be directly deposited into your account. Additionally, I will be given an allowance by you and you will tell me exactly how to spend it, all on items for you.

You own me. You control me. I dare you to dare me to disobey you. I guarantee that I will fear failing you so greatly that I will put my own feelings and well-being aside. This is true Female Domination. For your amusement, I would serve as your personal servant wearing nothing but chastity, panties and a shock collar for the remainder of my existence. My balls would be exposed to be abused by you or any of your visitors at any time and for any reason. And I would be in a constant state of arousal, denied orgasm indefinitely, ensuring my complete compliance (as if the blackmail folder wasn’t enough). And maybe even if I act 100% perfectly, I still get punished just because.

I would like to purchase the chastity belt, panties, shock collar and also a strap on dildo that will attach to my chastity belt. Please provide requests / demands for models, types, brands, styles, etc. I would like to be forced to fuck you with the dildo directly over my actual dick, forced to imagine what fucking a woman would feel like — all the while knowing that I will never be permitted to feel that again. And unless I am extraordinarily lucky, I might never feel an erection again. But all of that is ok, because me and my worthless, useless, pathetic excuse for a “manhood” will be yours to do with as you see fit, FOREVER.

Ways to ensure compliance: orgasm denial, shock collar usage, tease and denial, edging, threats of permanent chastity, ballbusting, financial domination, blackmail / humiliation, threats of never speaking to me again, threats of destroying the key to my belt, etc.

This will be incredibly easy. Mistress, I am begging you to destroy me. I envy the power your womanhood holds over my male weakness. I do not deserve to be in your presence. Please remind me why I was born with this pathetic “manhood,” which is to serve as your dedicated slave, without hesitation, for your sheer enjoyment and amusement.

Please let me know if you request anything from me. I will comply with the urgency of a man who’s being held by his manhood by a superior woman. I wish to fear you, while simultaneously lusting for your sexiness. Of course, I will be reminded of how pathetic it is for me to even think I will be released, as you force me to pick an outfit for your upcoming date. I will be forced to chauffeur, pay the bill, assist in any way you desire, and ultimately watch as a real man fucks my mistress, Mistress Lynne.

I beg you to do even one of these things to me. I beg you for the smallest amount of your time. I beg you to tell me how I can dedicate my service to you. I beg you to control me. I doubt you will accept, but regardless, please know the effect that your very presence has on my little dick. I am currently rock hard (all of 7.25″), but I think I should edge my orgasm in show of dedication to the punishment that I absolutely deserve, and surely hope to receive.
No longer a man,


P.s. This is almost 100% fantasy. Obviously, I am envisioning a fantasy, text-based relationship here. But (oh god, IDK why I think I should remind you of this…), it is entirely your call. If you think I should be chaste until you see fit, I’m willing to try. I am incredibly weak and I see myself letting you down. But I will always spread my legs to expose my balls for you. No women want to fuck my anyway. I see no other appropriate use. They’re yours, no questions asked. Please accept my absolutely ridiculous and idiotic request to destroy any manhood I had left.

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Letter from a Follower, enjoy

Mistress Lynne, once again I find myself writing to You on my knees and praising You, as an amazing, powerful, beautiful and successful dominant Woman You are a perfect leader and file model for the future ahead, which of course is a Female lead society.
The reason for this particular writing is of course to praise You, and also other Women as well, as You are our future, I am also going to give a little advice to my fellow males, about our future, and what we should be doing to prepare.
 First of all, I am starting to see quite a shift the view points of many Women, both in BDSM, and the vanilla world. For years there was talk about the struggle to gain equality, then the upper hand in the war of the sexes, but lately, it has seemed the tone is moving more to “post war” planning, as more and more Women seem to see the end of the patriarchy as near, and the importance of planning for a Female run society.
Such books such as “the end of men” seem to be becoming more common place , even by vanilla authors. I do think such planning, is important, as once the patriarchy has fallen and is properly disposed of, we certainly don’t want a power vacuum, instead we will look towards firm Female leadership.
As a male, I will want to know what our new role will be under pro Female laws, I have already heard about some proposals such as the best carriers will be for Women only, which I think will be very helpful for males, since we won’t be frustrated with trying to compete with Women for positions, and lose every time. Another area where I see change will be in small business partnerships between Women  and men, I think you will see more of them, but with the Woman in the lead role, and the male taking on the support role, Mistress Lynne, I have a feeling such arrangements interest Women such as Yourself.
One other area I seem to hear much about is sexual roles, it seems that there is great interest I placing all males in chastity, with the right to cum regulated and even taxed as a way to help pay for this transition, and of course, all sexual activity will be based on Female pleasure , and a committed relationship will mean males have all they can handle with one Woman, but she has complete freedom due to Her sexual and social superiority .
 As for us males, we must begin to see the signs, and show our willingness, desire, and admiration for our Female conquerors, and accept willingly the rule of the Feminine-Superior ,as I do…

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A text conversation between a man who “plays” sub but is actually a alpha male ass… that I have known for years now! Enjoy…

him: Hey you. Why are you closing The Steam Factory? You had such grand plans for it

Me: Sorry new phone, who is this?

him: Tim (name changed to respect privacy)

Me: I apologize. I’m not really sure who this is but there are many reasons why I’m closing Steam when it comes right down to it, it’s not the best thing for My family right now.

him: Sorry to hear that

him: Tim from West Haven

him: you have been to my house

Me: ahhh, ok. Of course

him: What are you up to this morning?

Me: Steam is privatizing.

him: Gotcha. How’s the cage? I never got to enjoy. hehe

Me: There’s a lot going on that people don’t know.

Me: That’s what happens when you waste time. Life changes

Me: This morning I am working on the business plan for My new publishing company

him: Sounds fun. Need a maid?

Me: No. I’m inactive in the lifestyle right now. There’s been absolutely no reason for Me to believe in it so I’m out of it.

him: ok. sorry

Me: I mean I’ve known you for 3 years and you’ve done nothing but waste My time and ignore Me. You’re a perfect example!

him: ha. I was around when you told Me to be.

Me: It’s the truth and NO you haven’t. It’s nice guys like you that left Me by the wayside that have put Me in this position that made Me want to puke. No offense to you, but I’m done now.

him: Well, I did just offer to clean. hehe

Me: The problem with you is you could have had a much different relationship with Me but this is what you chose. I don’t need you to clean three years after meeting you. If you wanted anything that wasn’t selfish and geared towards you own personal needs, you would have already done it.

him: See you’re wrong

Me: Am I?

him: I was in it for other reasons. You were in it for sex. I needed you to break Me and take Me. You just liked My cock.

Me: What the FUCK are you even talking about? If I wanted your cock, I would have had it years ago. You are way too small for Me. I’m sorry.

him: haha

Me: Truth

him: You just had to break me and you had Me. I didn’t fear you. You were gentle and soft, my dear.

Me: You and I didn’t have a sexual relationship! so don’t go off on Me like that. I made you lick My pussy after some guy with a big cock fucked Me the night before and I am pretty sure I wasn’t that soft and sweet. How did that piss in your wine glass taste?

Me: You have some really warped opinion of our relationship. We never had a relationship.

him: haha I know we didn’t. But we could have.

Me: Sounds to Me like we could have had a relationship if I had done everything that way you wished for it in your mind

Me: Everything was about you, nothing was about Me.

Me: That’s why we didn’t have a relationship and that’s why I had no interest in taking control of you

him: Wrong, but right. lol

Me: Okay, you know everything and I know nothing

Me: Have a good day

him: lol

Me: Perhaps when you put someone’s else’s needs first instead of your own you’ll find that someone might take notice in you. But, honestly, you’re a very selfish alpha male ass who has fantasies that you want fulfilled your way and a truly Dominant person doesn’t play that game and that’s why I never took interest in you.

him: no hard feelings

Me: Stop pretending you’re submissive. You were the most controlling person I have ever met in My life.

him: lol. No hard feelings. Maybe I should come and take control of you.

him: You need some discipline in your life I think.

Me: I’m not sure that’s going to work out for you either but it surely would be more in tune as to who you are, definitely more authentic.

him: You would be at my mercy. You need it.

Me: I don’t need discipline what I need is for men to stop being idiots! And making Me be someone that they want Me to be in their head. I know who I am and I don’t have a problem with it.

Me: I certainly don’t need some jackass like you telling Me what I need and don’t need in My life!

him: lol no hard feelings

Me: Right…..

him: Well, what’s your address? I can be there in 30 minutes.

Me: No Thank you!

him: lol boo

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Submitted by a Follower – “Good Morning Slave Boy” – a story

koiiMistress, please enjoy my next installment…

I wake up with a sharp pain between my legs, blindfolded and completely immobilized.

“Good morning slave boy! We are sure going to have some fun today. We’ve taken you out into the woods to an unknown location. We’ll be staying the next week in this cabin. Your things are in the car; go grab them and ours immediately.”

*As I am released from the arm and leg restraints, I instantly feel electricity race through my balls.*


“Aww, poor bitch. Do those balls of mine hurt?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good. You were shocked for not crawling. If you cant stay on your hands and knees this entire week, I will put you in a humbler. Now go get the suitcases.”

As I reach the car, I see the trunk of the car has been filled with Mistress Lynne’s belongings and toys. My ‘belongings consist of a single pair of pink lacy panties with the picture of a key on them.

“I got those for you at our last stop. Put them on; I figured they were perfect.”

“Yes mistress.”

Ok, now I am sure you are wondering why we are all the way out here in the woods. I won’t spoil the surprise, but just know that no one can hear you, no matter how loud you scream.

*Suddenly, I see a bus full of topless women pull up, all flashing me out the window*

“My girlfriends are here for the retreat! Go greet them all on hands and knees, hands behind your head.”

As they file off the bus, I am made to kiss each woman’s pussy before taking a kick to my vulnerable balls.

“Poor slave boy. We have a very very tough choice for you and we want you to thikn about it overnight. One of two things will happen this week: 1) You will be tied spread eagle to the bed in the living room, forced to make each girl cum. If you are successful, the belt comes off and you can fuck each of us how you’d like. However, if you fail to make even 1 girl cum, you will spin the wheel for a random punishment.”

I quickly glance at the wheel and see things like ‘kicked to tears,’ ‘icy hot and blue balls,’ ‘castration,’ and ‘permanent chastity.’

option #2) You will be permitted to lick our pussies, but we understand you probably won’t make us cum. For each orgasm you do give, we will ride your cock for 1 second. You will not be allowed to cum, however, no matter what.
Your call slave boy.

“I’m not sure mistress. I’m not sure I can make you cum, but I will try to earn my freedom.”

“Fair enough, strap him down. Ladies, sit on his face at your leisure.”

Once I am finally strapped down I hear a chorus of laughter.

“Slave, I’d like you to take a look at *points* her pussy.”

I instantly see the metal outline of a female chastity belt and my heart sinks.

“Yep, she’s not going to be able to cum, slave. At least without this key. HAHAHAHA. That fucks up your plan, doesn’t it. We might as well just give you your punishment right now. But first, I have a surprise. Miss Trish, please step forward and show slave girl here what you have.”

Trish says, “This is a needle, and Mistress Lynne has asked me to pierce your cock with it. Let me see.”

Shortly thereafter, my cock is pierced and a new chastity belt is placed on my dick.

“Slave, this chastity belt connects to your piercing. Not that I thought you’d be dumb enough to try and escape the other one, but with this one there is no hope. I am going to do something very cruel after we leave here. First, I will put the key into the lock. *SNAP* Oops, was that your key? I’d say sorry, but you know I just did that on purpose. Oh well, with your cock pierced, you’re absolutely hopeless. I didn’t tell you, but that lock is unbreakable stainless steel, just like the belt and the piercing. You will never be released again. Well, unless I remove that little broken part of the key and the super glue that is drying in the lock. I’ll give you one sentence for you to tell me what you will do for me and my friends for me to do that.”

“Oh my god mistress, I will devote my entire life to being your live-in slave boy, transfer my entire savings to your account, build myself a jail cell in your basement, write up and agree to a slave contract to your liking, willingly and eagerly beg for blue balls, kicks to the balls, and any other devious torture you’d like.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

*Removes the key, allowing the possibility of being uniocked, assuming there is a second key.*

“I know you’re thinking about that other key. Funny thing, slave. One of these women has it at their house. I won’t tell you which, but you will go around asking each woman to add one item to your obedience contract before we agree to the terms. They can add whatever they would like and you will agree, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, now begin making the list of demands.”

After making my rounds, writing down the demands of each mistress, Mistress Lynee smiles, grabs me by the balls and pulls out her phone. Now, bitch boy, there’s one more twist. I will be putting you on Skype calls with each of these women’s mothers. They will also be adding a condition each. We’ve asked them to be really evil.

Eventually I have a list of 100 demands and tasks to fulfill and each is humiliating, painful, and downright degrading.

“Sign, slave.”

Without hesitation, I sign the document and the deal is final.

“Good, now lets head back to town and head to your house – I mean my house. Thanks, babe. I want you in the front seat in your panties, spreader bar, handcuffs, and a gag. I’ll make sure every single toll booth you are exposed.”

When we get to my house, I notice everything has been removed.

“I threw almost everything away. The furniture is in storage. Now, I will be refurnishing the house, give me your card. Next, on your hands and knees, begin cleaning this entire place. I’ll tell you when you’re done.”

With my spreader bar, I’m subjected to countless kicks and balls squeezes. Eventually everyone leaves and it’s just me and Mistress Lynne.

“Get in your cell downstairs. I put in an additional feature, where your balls will be secured through the bars outside the cage. This means you will never lay down at night HAHAH hope you don’t doze off and yank those balls off!”

“Yes, mistress.” Suddenly, I realize I have a small dog cage, not a jail cell.

“This was cheaper. I know its all your money, but that leaves more for me. Now, lets start filming some really embarassing blackmail videos. I don’t want you going back on your word here. I’ve had a lawyer review our document and it will stay locked in my safe. You will never see it again and you will never change it. You’ll spend every minute of your life that I dont neeed you or that you aren’t cleaning in that cage. Let’s go to the mall.”

As we arrive at the sex store at the mall, I see you pull out your phone and show the clerk something.

“Wow, he really is pathetic. I think I could do that.”

“Slave, you’ve been signed up as the designated stunt dummy. I’ve given this lady my phone number and she will call me anytime any mistresses need a demonstration.”

I begin to cry.

“Is this all too much for you? Too bad. I have a signed agreement from you. Remember when you promised all of this just so you could keep your little balls? Remember when I said that in the back of your head, just the tiniest thought that you could cum will have you begging for anything. Well that’s how I got the agreement didn’t I? You’re too easy. For our first class, we will be teaching young women the importance of female dominated lifestyles and proper self-defense techniques to avoid being victimized. I’ll let you choose: 1) Shock collar on the balls, or 2) after we’re done, I’ll give you a chance to cum, but the kicks will be harder and longer.

“Two, please!”

After we’re finished, I see the evil grin on Mistress Lynne’s face that I’ve been dreading.

“Slave, this will be the one release I will grant you for at least the next 6 months, assuming your behavior is perfect. With your hands behind your back and your spreader bar on, you will hump the carpet as long as you need. Make yourself cum slave. Oh, that hurts? I’ll let you hump a blow-up doll instead if you want.”


“These are going to your boss right now. I want her to know how helpless you are.”

*Mistrees Lynne returns with my boss*

“Slave I’ve just talked to your boss, Karen. She didn’t realize you were a sissy, panty boy in chastity. She decided that she will be demoting you to her personal assistant and she will be joining us from now on.”

Karen: “Your assignment at this time is to get into your cage. We will have you purchase one for work too, but in the mean time, I want you to come up with a number between 1 and 1,000. The number we choose represents the number of edged orgasms you must suffer before being released next. Guess wisely. For every number you miss by, you will also give us that many orgasms before release day.”

“I choose 213.”

“HAA good try. In fact, the number is 450. That means you will be edged 450 times and you also owe us 237 orgasms before you’ll be released. As always, you will be able to choose being our eunuch instead! But how heartbreaking would it be if you gave up so soon, with the rest of your life to think I might let you cum! How pathetic.”

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Text conversation with Me and a man who lied about his cock size to Me

him: Hey. What’s up mistress lynne

Me: Not much, who is this?

him: from fetlife

Me: can you be more specific?

him: I’m Joe. ***** on fetlife

Me: Hi Joe how can I help you?

him: saw ur profile loved all of it. wanted to know if your looking for someone to do whatever u want mistress lynne

Me: I’m always looking for someone like that

him: cool 🙂 I’m very obedient

Me: you better be obedient your cock is so small

him: ya I am would you like me to call u?

Me: No I’m working

him: it’s 6 in hard

Me: you wish

him: ahh then what do you want of me? I’ll do whatever u want so.

him: Let me know when you have a sec to answer

Me: Right now I am talking to a man with a really big cock, a confirmed cock

him: a confirmed cock?

Me: Meaning his size is confirmed by a ruler with proper measurement

him: oh – is 6 small? I thought it was average

Me: you’re not 6

him: Doctor said it was

Me: really? what doctor takes out a ruler and gets you hard and measures you properly?

him: and I am not fully hard in those pictures

Me: typical

him: hard I am like 5 1/2 6

him: I have no limits

Me: I’m done talking about this I have to go now. I’m not going to talk with someone who has a false reality about his cock size

him: watever

him: doesn’t really matter to me. I just was saying I’m will do anything u want i’m sub slave and u started the size stuff

him: so u not going to talk?

him: ?

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Well, I assume it is abundantly clear that I am a truly pathetic little sissy bitch. – Letter from a Follower !! Enjoy!!

khkoWell, I assume it is abundantly clear that I am a truly pathetic little sissy bitch. I am asking as politely as possible that you send me a keyholder / SPH / cock comparison contract with the required fee to be keyheld by you, Mistresss Lynne. I hope that you may accept my request so that I may finally be properly punished for believing I was ever a real man. I would love to be able to continue writing for you and whatever other privileges I may be afforded I should be forced to earn. I’d love to be given picture/ video assignments to be used as black mail against me should I not be man enough to handle your utter dominance. Or you could always say, “I want a video sent to my phone within the next 5 minutes showing you inserting the key into your lock and twising it off to break in place before putting an entire tube of superglue into the lock. I want this video immediately, so you will not be able to second guess the fact that you will never be permitted to become erect again. Never. Let that sink in, bitch. And even though I will no longer be your keyholder technically, I have a feeling you will still empty your bank account into mine for the minimal attention I will pay my forever virgin housemaid, If you’re lucky, I’ll force you to clean my house on all fours with a spreader bar and humbler device to keep your balls at my convenience. If you’re not, I’ll have you host a female self-defense course for me and 6-10 friends while we use your former manhood as target practice on how to fend off attackers. You’ll stand up after each strike, or I will forcibly lift you up by the swollen, bruised balls that will never again be permitted release. And on top of all that, you WILL beg me right now for all of it. Beg to be kicked beyond begging for mercy and tears. Beg to be permanently chastised as my live-in sissy humiliation/ pain slut who pays my bills. Beg for Mistress Lynne to put you in your place and give you exactly what you deserve. I can’t believe someone so pathetic once considered themselves a man. Remove my control, my pride, my ego, my pleasure, my everything and replace it with anything and everything you demand, empty my wallet and demand everything I own. I’ll gladly sign it all over if you will just lock my dick away, grab me by the balls and look into my eyes while saying “Listen, from now on, you will never again be permitted an orgasm. If you accidentally or without my permission cum, ill cut your balls off myself, no joke. You will obey every single command and you’ll thank me continuously for giving you the priviledge of my attention. Not only will you be helpless and destroyed, but you also will beg for it and pay me for doing it. 

What do you think? Also, waiting for the green light on the story, pending what you thought of the last part. Feel free to give me assignments such as “show me a video rn of you slapping your own balls as hard as I would, not like a little bitch boy afraid of pain… if you want to be my slave, you’ll have to take much worse than 1 slap. Prove to me you are serious, slap yourself as hard as how badly you want to be my slave. Slap yourself as hard as you think men should be for having such weak and vulnerable dangling organs. Slap yourself because I said and do it because you have no choice… unless you’d like me to send out those pictures of you wearing the little black thong over your chastity belt 😀 Aren’t you glad a truly cruel and dominant woman took control of your pee pee so you could begin thinking with the correct ‘head?’ This is just too easy! Simply offer the possibility of denying the right to orgasm for a very short period of time (no actual offers of any kind) and you’re already giving everything up to me. How pathetic. You men should be ashamed of that little thing between your legs. It just gives women every possible advantage and more men need to acknowledge this. You’re going to start a public education campaign for me, encouraging other sissy sluts to pledge their servitude to me for a fee. You’ll earn me more money and for the help, I’ll be sure to put a few generous gobs of Icy Hot all over the inside of your belt next time we clean it. If you can go without moaning, crying, bitching, or complaining, I’ll let you spread ur legs before me and ask politely that I kick your little ballsies until you can no longer take it… and once I am begging for mercy and bawling, you make sure to tie me up securely so I can no object or defend them. And your smile as you have me litterally helpless by the balls reminds me why Mistrss Lynne is worth every bit of it. Abuse and destroy my balls for your benefit and at the end, make me say thank you for it! 😀 <3 

Hope you are well today. 

Yours graciously,

Tiny-dicked, little loser who thinks with his balls and needs to be severely reminded of his inferiority.

P.s. I love all the stories on your site. I am beyond honored for the privilege of being on there. If you’d like, let me know of someway I could repay the honor. And for extra fun, send me a link to a pair / style of panties you demand I purchase immediately. Make me show you a pic. Make me hump a pillow before edging /denying myself. and using an ice pack to make my little boy penis fit in the tiniest chastity belt I can find. Make me wear the tightest model possible so any attempts of arrousal are swiftly met with blue balls, ache, and pain. Make them hurt and make them remember who owns them. Most of all, make them remember why men are inferior and deserve to be broken by a dominant woman so they never forget it. 

I can not hide my excitement of the prospect of being chastised, forced into a strictly panty lifestyle, and also being forced to make my balls suffer at the hands of a woman who I do not deserve to be allowed to serve. Take my manhood and do with it whatever you like. No woman will allow me to be romantic with her anyway. I see why now and the continued denial only adds to the feeling of uselessness. Force me to take a Viagra while in my cage and see how desperate I become. I’m scared at the prospect of how far I’d go to have it off (I’m sure you’d take full advantage…). House, car, savings, likely would be worthless to me at that moment, unable to think rationally or about anything beyond the orgasm that I will never ever be given and do not deserve. And if you’d like, share me with your friends and add to my list of responsibilities.  Maybe I can be of some use for your blog (ballbusting slave, cock comparisons, all of it – for which I should not be compensated, but rather have my balls squeezed until I can properly express my gratitude. I’d like to place a shock collar around my balls and present you with the controller as an intial show of dedication. If you require additional effort, I would also like to purchase Amazon wishlist items and items required for me to purchase and wear for your purposes. 
^I’m partly disgusted by my pathetic worthlessness, and I’m sure you are too. Please please please take advantage of my utter helplessness right now so I may understand that I am nothing and my purpose is to serve you wholeheartedly without any expectation of anything besides agony, swelling, aching, ruined or denied releases, and a constant fear of having my testicles destroyed for laughs. If I may be so lucky… 
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Text Conversation with “Just a Fan” and Mistress Lynne, always keeping it real with My followers

him: God damn mistress, Your a talented author. I love your stories please continue the great work.

Me: Thank you may I ask who this is?

him: just a fan

Me: thank you just a fan

him: Your welcome adventurous, princess of the paragraph

Me 🙂

him: what do you have a question about?

Me: I don’t know who you are so I don’t have a question. Do you happen to want to give Me money? That’s a question.

him: You sent question marks so I assumed questions

Me: I don’t see any question marks. I wish I had someone to take out My trash. How come you are so secretive and don’t want Me to know who you are.

him: I just wanted to say that your writing is intensely passionate and it awakens lust within me I was unaware of

Me: Which writing do you like best?

him: I love hearing about how much you like getting your tasty soaking wet pussy worshipped

Me: yes

him: About how much you love a fat cock pounding away at your pretty little pussy and how you like to compartmentalize your men and I am assuming your life as well

Me: I do like a nice big ripe white cock. Especially if they’re wearing a suit because they’re extremely successful

him: you like big rich white cock?

Me: Yes, very much.

him: What do you like to do with them?

Me: I like to have vanilla sex with them. I find it incredibly erotic.

him: What’s your take on kissing?

Me: I love it. You know Me, I need a connection.

him: It’s my favorite. Well next to an extremely naughty imagination, the ability to talk dirty, and well big white breasts which you seem to have all the markets cornered. I wish I was lucky enough to have you admire my large, I don’t think it’s massive or it’s just big and I don’t know if it qualifies for a size queen but a man can hope

Me: I mean how can I consider anything if I don’t know who you are?

him: I am sorry I have a habit of getting ahead of myself. please forgive me. When your having spiritual, engaging, connection inducing sex with these big successful young white cock, how do you feel?

Me: Like a queen. like I am showing off. like My life is complete. Like everything I have been working for in My life is for that moment. Like I’m a lucky girl that I don’t have to put up with men who have small cocks with bad attitudes

him: you’re worthy of feeling that everyday. That sounds very fulfilling metaphorically as well as literally. What does it physically feel like to have such a massive erection inside of you.

Me: You ask a lot of question for a stranger. I’m done giving you masturbation material

him: I can see why you would think that. However, it truly was My intention to turn you on a fraction of what your writing did for me today

Me: I don’t have a white cock to fuck currently so I just get mad

him: I am sorry Mistress. You deserve many white cocks. I hope you don’t feel used I wanted to turn you on and then send you pictures of myself in hopes of turning you on. forgive me if this crosses the line.

Me: I would love to see your pictures

him: I am not erect as of the moment, yet as soon as I am I will send you a photo Mistress. It is only over 7 inches long and 6 inches around.

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