Submitted by a Follower – “Good Morning Slave Boy” – a story

koiiMistress, please enjoy my next installment…

I wake up with a sharp pain between my legs, blindfolded and completely immobilized.

“Good morning slave boy! We are sure going to have some fun today. We’ve taken you out into the woods to an unknown location. We’ll be staying the next week in this cabin. Your things are in the car; go grab them and ours immediately.”

*As I am released from the arm and leg restraints, I instantly feel electricity race through my balls.*


“Aww, poor bitch. Do those balls of mine hurt?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good. You were shocked for not crawling. If you cant stay on your hands and knees this entire week, I will put you in a humbler. Now go get the suitcases.”

As I reach the car, I see the trunk of the car has been filled with Mistress Lynne’s belongings and toys. My ‘belongings consist of a single pair of pink lacy panties with the picture of a key on them.

“I got those for you at our last stop. Put them on; I figured they were perfect.”

“Yes mistress.”

Ok, now I am sure you are wondering why we are all the way out here in the woods. I won’t spoil the surprise, but just know that no one can hear you, no matter how loud you scream.

*Suddenly, I see a bus full of topless women pull up, all flashing me out the window*

“My girlfriends are here for the retreat! Go greet them all on hands and knees, hands behind your head.”

As they file off the bus, I am made to kiss each woman’s pussy before taking a kick to my vulnerable balls.

“Poor slave boy. We have a very very tough choice for you and we want you to thikn about it overnight. One of two things will happen this week: 1) You will be tied spread eagle to the bed in the living room, forced to make each girl cum. If you are successful, the belt comes off and you can fuck each of us how you’d like. However, if you fail to make even 1 girl cum, you will spin the wheel for a random punishment.”

I quickly glance at the wheel and see things like ‘kicked to tears,’ ‘icy hot and blue balls,’ ‘castration,’ and ‘permanent chastity.’

option #2) You will be permitted to lick our pussies, but we understand you probably won’t make us cum. For each orgasm you do give, we will ride your cock for 1 second. You will not be allowed to cum, however, no matter what.
Your call slave boy.

“I’m not sure mistress. I’m not sure I can make you cum, but I will try to earn my freedom.”

“Fair enough, strap him down. Ladies, sit on his face at your leisure.”

Once I am finally strapped down I hear a chorus of laughter.

“Slave, I’d like you to take a look at *points* her pussy.”

I instantly see the metal outline of a female chastity belt and my heart sinks.

“Yep, she’s not going to be able to cum, slave. At least without this key. HAHAHAHA. That fucks up your plan, doesn’t it. We might as well just give you your punishment right now. But first, I have a surprise. Miss Trish, please step forward and show slave girl here what you have.”

Trish says, “This is a needle, and Mistress Lynne has asked me to pierce your cock with it. Let me see.”

Shortly thereafter, my cock is pierced and a new chastity belt is placed on my dick.

“Slave, this chastity belt connects to your piercing. Not that I thought you’d be dumb enough to try and escape the other one, but with this one there is no hope. I am going to do something very cruel after we leave here. First, I will put the key into the lock. *SNAP* Oops, was that your key? I’d say sorry, but you know I just did that on purpose. Oh well, with your cock pierced, you’re absolutely hopeless. I didn’t tell you, but that lock is unbreakable stainless steel, just like the belt and the piercing. You will never be released again. Well, unless I remove that little broken part of the key and the super glue that is drying in the lock. I’ll give you one sentence for you to tell me what you will do for me and my friends for me to do that.”

“Oh my god mistress, I will devote my entire life to being your live-in slave boy, transfer my entire savings to your account, build myself a jail cell in your basement, write up and agree to a slave contract to your liking, willingly and eagerly beg for blue balls, kicks to the balls, and any other devious torture you’d like.”

“Sounds like a deal.”

*Removes the key, allowing the possibility of being uniocked, assuming there is a second key.*

“I know you’re thinking about that other key. Funny thing, slave. One of these women has it at their house. I won’t tell you which, but you will go around asking each woman to add one item to your obedience contract before we agree to the terms. They can add whatever they would like and you will agree, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, now begin making the list of demands.”

After making my rounds, writing down the demands of each mistress, Mistress Lynee smiles, grabs me by the balls and pulls out her phone. Now, bitch boy, there’s one more twist. I will be putting you on Skype calls with each of these women’s mothers. They will also be adding a condition each. We’ve asked them to be really evil.

Eventually I have a list of 100 demands and tasks to fulfill and each is humiliating, painful, and downright degrading.

“Sign, slave.”

Without hesitation, I sign the document and the deal is final.

“Good, now lets head back to town and head to your house – I mean my house. Thanks, babe. I want you in the front seat in your panties, spreader bar, handcuffs, and a gag. I’ll make sure every single toll booth you are exposed.”

When we get to my house, I notice everything has been removed.

“I threw almost everything away. The furniture is in storage. Now, I will be refurnishing the house, give me your card. Next, on your hands and knees, begin cleaning this entire place. I’ll tell you when you’re done.”

With my spreader bar, I’m subjected to countless kicks and balls squeezes. Eventually everyone leaves and it’s just me and Mistress Lynne.

“Get in your cell downstairs. I put in an additional feature, where your balls will be secured through the bars outside the cage. This means you will never lay down at night HAHAH hope you don’t doze off and yank those balls off!”

“Yes, mistress.” Suddenly, I realize I have a small dog cage, not a jail cell.

“This was cheaper. I know its all your money, but that leaves more for me. Now, lets start filming some really embarassing blackmail videos. I don’t want you going back on your word here. I’ve had a lawyer review our document and it will stay locked in my safe. You will never see it again and you will never change it. You’ll spend every minute of your life that I dont neeed you or that you aren’t cleaning in that cage. Let’s go to the mall.”

As we arrive at the sex store at the mall, I see you pull out your phone and show the clerk something.

“Wow, he really is pathetic. I think I could do that.”

“Slave, you’ve been signed up as the designated stunt dummy. I’ve given this lady my phone number and she will call me anytime any mistresses need a demonstration.”

I begin to cry.

“Is this all too much for you? Too bad. I have a signed agreement from you. Remember when you promised all of this just so you could keep your little balls? Remember when I said that in the back of your head, just the tiniest thought that you could cum will have you begging for anything. Well that’s how I got the agreement didn’t I? You’re too easy. For our first class, we will be teaching young women the importance of female dominated lifestyles and proper self-defense techniques to avoid being victimized. I’ll let you choose: 1) Shock collar on the balls, or 2) after we’re done, I’ll give you a chance to cum, but the kicks will be harder and longer.

“Two, please!”

After we’re finished, I see the evil grin on Mistress Lynne’s face that I’ve been dreading.

“Slave, this will be the one release I will grant you for at least the next 6 months, assuming your behavior is perfect. With your hands behind your back and your spreader bar on, you will hump the carpet as long as you need. Make yourself cum slave. Oh, that hurts? I’ll let you hump a blow-up doll instead if you want.”


“These are going to your boss right now. I want her to know how helpless you are.”

*Mistrees Lynne returns with my boss*

“Slave I’ve just talked to your boss, Karen. She didn’t realize you were a sissy, panty boy in chastity. She decided that she will be demoting you to her personal assistant and she will be joining us from now on.”

Karen: “Your assignment at this time is to get into your cage. We will have you purchase one for work too, but in the mean time, I want you to come up with a number between 1 and 1,000. The number we choose represents the number of edged orgasms you must suffer before being released next. Guess wisely. For every number you miss by, you will also give us that many orgasms before release day.”

“I choose 213.”

“HAA good try. In fact, the number is 450. That means you will be edged 450 times and you also owe us 237 orgasms before you’ll be released. As always, you will be able to choose being our eunuch instead! But how heartbreaking would it be if you gave up so soon, with the rest of your life to think I might let you cum! How pathetic.”

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Text conversation with Me and a man who lied about his cock size to Me

him: Hey. What’s up mistress lynne

Me: Not much, who is this?

him: from fetlife

Me: can you be more specific?

him: I’m Joe. ***** on fetlife

Me: Hi Joe how can I help you?

him: saw ur profile loved all of it. wanted to know if your looking for someone to do whatever u want mistress lynne

Me: I’m always looking for someone like that

him: cool 🙂 I’m very obedient

Me: you better be obedient your cock is so small

him: ya I am would you like me to call u?

Me: No I’m working

him: it’s 6 in hard

Me: you wish

him: ahh then what do you want of me? I’ll do whatever u want so.

him: Let me know when you have a sec to answer

Me: Right now I am talking to a man with a really big cock, a confirmed cock

him: a confirmed cock?

Me: Meaning his size is confirmed by a ruler with proper measurement

him: oh – is 6 small? I thought it was average

Me: you’re not 6

him: Doctor said it was

Me: really? what doctor takes out a ruler and gets you hard and measures you properly?

him: and I am not fully hard in those pictures

Me: typical

him: hard I am like 5 1/2 6

him: I have no limits

Me: I’m done talking about this I have to go now. I’m not going to talk with someone who has a false reality about his cock size

him: watever

him: doesn’t really matter to me. I just was saying I’m will do anything u want i’m sub slave and u started the size stuff

him: so u not going to talk?

him: ?

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Well, I assume it is abundantly clear that I am a truly pathetic little sissy bitch. – Letter from a Follower !! Enjoy!!

khkoWell, I assume it is abundantly clear that I am a truly pathetic little sissy bitch. I am asking as politely as possible that you send me a keyholder / SPH / cock comparison contract with the required fee to be keyheld by you, Mistresss Lynne. I hope that you may accept my request so that I may finally be properly punished for believing I was ever a real man. I would love to be able to continue writing for you and whatever other privileges I may be afforded I should be forced to earn. I’d love to be given picture/ video assignments to be used as black mail against me should I not be man enough to handle your utter dominance. Or you could always say, “I want a video sent to my phone within the next 5 minutes showing you inserting the key into your lock and twising it off to break in place before putting an entire tube of superglue into the lock. I want this video immediately, so you will not be able to second guess the fact that you will never be permitted to become erect again. Never. Let that sink in, bitch. And even though I will no longer be your keyholder technically, I have a feeling you will still empty your bank account into mine for the minimal attention I will pay my forever virgin housemaid, If you’re lucky, I’ll force you to clean my house on all fours with a spreader bar and humbler device to keep your balls at my convenience. If you’re not, I’ll have you host a female self-defense course for me and 6-10 friends while we use your former manhood as target practice on how to fend off attackers. You’ll stand up after each strike, or I will forcibly lift you up by the swollen, bruised balls that will never again be permitted release. And on top of all that, you WILL beg me right now for all of it. Beg to be kicked beyond begging for mercy and tears. Beg to be permanently chastised as my live-in sissy humiliation/ pain slut who pays my bills. Beg for Mistress Lynne to put you in your place and give you exactly what you deserve. I can’t believe someone so pathetic once considered themselves a man. Remove my control, my pride, my ego, my pleasure, my everything and replace it with anything and everything you demand, empty my wallet and demand everything I own. I’ll gladly sign it all over if you will just lock my dick away, grab me by the balls and look into my eyes while saying “Listen, from now on, you will never again be permitted an orgasm. If you accidentally or without my permission cum, ill cut your balls off myself, no joke. You will obey every single command and you’ll thank me continuously for giving you the priviledge of my attention. Not only will you be helpless and destroyed, but you also will beg for it and pay me for doing it. 

What do you think? Also, waiting for the green light on the story, pending what you thought of the last part. Feel free to give me assignments such as “show me a video rn of you slapping your own balls as hard as I would, not like a little bitch boy afraid of pain… if you want to be my slave, you’ll have to take much worse than 1 slap. Prove to me you are serious, slap yourself as hard as how badly you want to be my slave. Slap yourself as hard as you think men should be for having such weak and vulnerable dangling organs. Slap yourself because I said and do it because you have no choice… unless you’d like me to send out those pictures of you wearing the little black thong over your chastity belt 😀 Aren’t you glad a truly cruel and dominant woman took control of your pee pee so you could begin thinking with the correct ‘head?’ This is just too easy! Simply offer the possibility of denying the right to orgasm for a very short period of time (no actual offers of any kind) and you’re already giving everything up to me. How pathetic. You men should be ashamed of that little thing between your legs. It just gives women every possible advantage and more men need to acknowledge this. You’re going to start a public education campaign for me, encouraging other sissy sluts to pledge their servitude to me for a fee. You’ll earn me more money and for the help, I’ll be sure to put a few generous gobs of Icy Hot all over the inside of your belt next time we clean it. If you can go without moaning, crying, bitching, or complaining, I’ll let you spread ur legs before me and ask politely that I kick your little ballsies until you can no longer take it… and once I am begging for mercy and bawling, you make sure to tie me up securely so I can no object or defend them. And your smile as you have me litterally helpless by the balls reminds me why Mistrss Lynne is worth every bit of it. Abuse and destroy my balls for your benefit and at the end, make me say thank you for it! 😀 <3 

Hope you are well today. 

Yours graciously,

Tiny-dicked, little loser who thinks with his balls and needs to be severely reminded of his inferiority.

P.s. I love all the stories on your site. I am beyond honored for the privilege of being on there. If you’d like, let me know of someway I could repay the honor. And for extra fun, send me a link to a pair / style of panties you demand I purchase immediately. Make me show you a pic. Make me hump a pillow before edging /denying myself. and using an ice pack to make my little boy penis fit in the tiniest chastity belt I can find. Make me wear the tightest model possible so any attempts of arrousal are swiftly met with blue balls, ache, and pain. Make them hurt and make them remember who owns them. Most of all, make them remember why men are inferior and deserve to be broken by a dominant woman so they never forget it. 

I can not hide my excitement of the prospect of being chastised, forced into a strictly panty lifestyle, and also being forced to make my balls suffer at the hands of a woman who I do not deserve to be allowed to serve. Take my manhood and do with it whatever you like. No woman will allow me to be romantic with her anyway. I see why now and the continued denial only adds to the feeling of uselessness. Force me to take a Viagra while in my cage and see how desperate I become. I’m scared at the prospect of how far I’d go to have it off (I’m sure you’d take full advantage…). House, car, savings, likely would be worthless to me at that moment, unable to think rationally or about anything beyond the orgasm that I will never ever be given and do not deserve. And if you’d like, share me with your friends and add to my list of responsibilities.  Maybe I can be of some use for your blog (ballbusting slave, cock comparisons, all of it – for which I should not be compensated, but rather have my balls squeezed until I can properly express my gratitude. I’d like to place a shock collar around my balls and present you with the controller as an intial show of dedication. If you require additional effort, I would also like to purchase Amazon wishlist items and items required for me to purchase and wear for your purposes. 
^I’m partly disgusted by my pathetic worthlessness, and I’m sure you are too. Please please please take advantage of my utter helplessness right now so I may understand that I am nothing and my purpose is to serve you wholeheartedly without any expectation of anything besides agony, swelling, aching, ruined or denied releases, and a constant fear of having my testicles destroyed for laughs. If I may be so lucky… 
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Text Conversation with “Just a Fan” and Mistress Lynne, always keeping it real with My followers

him: God damn mistress, Your a talented author. I love your stories please continue the great work.

Me: Thank you may I ask who this is?

him: just a fan

Me: thank you just a fan

him: Your welcome adventurous, princess of the paragraph

Me 🙂

him: what do you have a question about?

Me: I don’t know who you are so I don’t have a question. Do you happen to want to give Me money? That’s a question.

him: You sent question marks so I assumed questions

Me: I don’t see any question marks. I wish I had someone to take out My trash. How come you are so secretive and don’t want Me to know who you are.

him: I just wanted to say that your writing is intensely passionate and it awakens lust within me I was unaware of

Me: Which writing do you like best?

him: I love hearing about how much you like getting your tasty soaking wet pussy worshipped

Me: yes

him: About how much you love a fat cock pounding away at your pretty little pussy and how you like to compartmentalize your men and I am assuming your life as well

Me: I do like a nice big ripe white cock. Especially if they’re wearing a suit because they’re extremely successful

him: you like big rich white cock?

Me: Yes, very much.

him: What do you like to do with them?

Me: I like to have vanilla sex with them. I find it incredibly erotic.

him: What’s your take on kissing?

Me: I love it. You know Me, I need a connection.

him: It’s my favorite. Well next to an extremely naughty imagination, the ability to talk dirty, and well big white breasts which you seem to have all the markets cornered. I wish I was lucky enough to have you admire my large, I don’t think it’s massive or it’s just big and I don’t know if it qualifies for a size queen but a man can hope

Me: I mean how can I consider anything if I don’t know who you are?

him: I am sorry I have a habit of getting ahead of myself. please forgive me. When your having spiritual, engaging, connection inducing sex with these big successful young white cock, how do you feel?

Me: Like a queen. like I am showing off. like My life is complete. Like everything I have been working for in My life is for that moment. Like I’m a lucky girl that I don’t have to put up with men who have small cocks with bad attitudes

him: you’re worthy of feeling that everyday. That sounds very fulfilling metaphorically as well as literally. What does it physically feel like to have such a massive erection inside of you.

Me: You ask a lot of question for a stranger. I’m done giving you masturbation material

him: I can see why you would think that. However, it truly was My intention to turn you on a fraction of what your writing did for me today

Me: I don’t have a white cock to fuck currently so I just get mad

him: I am sorry Mistress. You deserve many white cocks. I hope you don’t feel used I wanted to turn you on and then send you pictures of myself in hopes of turning you on. forgive me if this crosses the line.

Me: I would love to see your pictures

him: I am not erect as of the moment, yet as soon as I am I will send you a photo Mistress. It is only over 7 inches long and 6 inches around.

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This is the kind of Letters I get, this is fucking HOT! Enjoy this reader submission…

thUXFLOSWUDid you get my latest installment? I’d love to hear what you think, give any creative direction, or even make me take a pic and measure up. Any attention is well received. Also interested in chastity and keyholding. Make me take measurements, Pick out a belt for me, and make me go shopping in public / ask the cashier for assistance at Victoria’s Secret for a pair of sexy, tiny panties that will fit over my chastity cage. I want to feel the lace on my shaved balls, reminded each step of my place and why I have balls in the first place – for women to use to control men. And if you want you can even demand payment. I want to fear you, crave you, and be controlled by you. If not that’s fine, I’m happy to continue writing for you. Thank you for the time. I do not deserve it. I wish you would put me in chastity, panties, and a spreader bar, while you force me to clean your entire house. As you feel like it you take blackmail pics, make me lick your and your friends pussies, make me serve you and your naked friends poolside while my balls swell and turn blue – your friends laugh so hard and decide to put a shock collar on them for extra fun. Or even take me around in public or at a nude beach with nothing on but chastity and panties with a testicle leash leading me up to random women asking them to kick my balls, tease my cock, make me do whatever, pussy worship, rent me out, cuckold me, and make me beg for more and secretly wish I was born a woman. I’ll do absolutely anything and I need a truly dominant woman to recognize that and destroy any remaining ‘manhood’ I had while I beg for more and cry for mercy. OMG I can’t handle it, I’m so pathetic. But I know my inferior balls were put in the most vulnerable, Undefendable spot for your benefit and my demise. I want to be kicked so hard I can’t speak the safe words and you reach between my legs, grab my broken little balls, and whisper “these balls make you so inferior. I can deny you an orgasm for a few hours and you’re helplessly on your hands and knees, emptying your wallet and doing absolutely anything I say. I want your balls to be so swollen that youd consider castration, but then I edge your dick so close to an orgasm you forget all about that and I use an ice pack to shrink your dick from 3″ back to 0.75″ and put the chastity back on you. Lastly I strap a dildo over your chastity and ride you to multiple orgasms while you’re denied anything but my boobs in your face. The funniest part is you crave this attention and will pay for it. I’m going to make an Amazon wish list for both of us. When the list is entirely purchased, I’ll consider releasing you. First, I’ll give you a chance to earn some pleasure. I’m going to kick you 100% as hard as I can right in the balls. For every kick you can take without going down, you’ll be allowed to rub that useless thing for 1 minute. If you cum, good for you, back in chastity. If not, I rub icy hot all over those shaved balls and put the spiky inserts in the belt before inviting my friends to all tease you in bikinis and high heels. Finally when your balls are damn near purple, I’m going to tie you up outside. I want to see what happens when blue balls get sunburnt. If you complain even once, I will make you pull me around by the balls with this leash while I shock your balls and repeatedly spank your balls.”
And I’d do it happily, offering my balls as tribute to your power and dominance. I’d be terrified the entire time of what you can and deserve to do. But I’d be even more terrified of not obeying. That’s the ultimate control women can easily gain over men. By simply kicking my balls and teasing/ denying orgasm i turn into a puddle and wind up cleaning your whole house / completing all your chores / take you shopping / learn my place / and pay you for the pleasure of your attention the whole time. Make me regret this fetish please. Or at least please allow me to write for you. It’s an intoxicating feeling but I know what I deserve. My balls don’t deserve to be allowed release. I deserve to be used as a pussy worshiping forever virgin teased by sexy naked young women feeling completely free by the fact that I can’t even get hard, let alone try anything. If I did, you’d simply grab my balls, look me in the eyes, and say, “do you really think you have any control here? 2 fingers and I have your full attention. What do you think will happen when I rent you out to all my friends and 6 months from now you still haven’t touched your dick or gotten hard? How do you think it will feel to explain to the blind dates I set you up on and just before you think you’ll get lucky, I come in and show her how to really have fun? How do you think you’ll feel if your boss knew you’re a full time chaste panty boy who obeys women without question? Doubt you’ll be getting that promotion. Regardless, I take your whole paycheck and give you an allowance. You’ll use that allowance to buy me gifts, flowers, and whatever I ask for. You’ll own no clothing besides that chastity belt and some panties. You’ll be publicly humiliated and you can’t help it. If you want me to stop, I will. But I’ll also break the keys to the cage, post all my blackmail pics online and share them with your friends and family and empty your bank before dropping you in the ghetto in panties. See if they enjoy you too lol! I bet you feel helpless. Pay me some money to feel sympathy. Never mind, I want to see you hump the ground. Show me how you would stroke that tiny dick if I gave you the privilege of fucking a real pussy. You’re pathetic. Game time: chastity for 1 month with edging and blue ball torture constantly or kicked and slapped/ kneed in the balls by me and all my friends until you beg for mercy, then we force you to beg for more and you cry as we give it to you. Your balls will be so sore and tight in the belt you won’t be able to sit or kneel down for at least a week. If that isn’t enough we’ll put icy hot on them and hogtie you while laughing and filming you. You aren’t a man. I have your ‘manhood’ and control your entire existence with a piece of metal and the threat that if you disobey I will destroy you. And I’ll make you pay me for it. And at the end of the day you’ll beg for more. How pathetic. No wonder no women want you. I want you to get your baby ruler out and flip it to the centimeter side. Now measure that tiny cock of yours. If you can’t get hard enough to pass “4 in the next 45 seconds, I’m adding another 2 weeks for fun. I’m so evil to those balls but you crave my dominance and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re helpless and I control you simply because of those two little balls. You’d beg me to remove them but you know then you wouldn’t feel as enslaved by the power of my pussy. You need to be reminded of how easily I can control you men because you think with your little ‘heads’. It’s too easy. I want you on all fours, legs spread, handcuffed to the bed. I’m going to see if my vibrator can make you cum. 5 minutes and if u do it will feel amazing. If not those balls will be even more swollen and I will have my friends over for a pool party. You will cater to everything we demand no matter the request. We will talk about the real men and the real dicks that get to fuck us. You can imagine what it used to feel like and we can remind you if you’d like. You’ll get 5 seconds total in my and my friends wet pussies. If you cum, you will never ever be allowed to cum and I will get your dick pierced and superglue that lock shut and break the key off inside. You will never ever cum after that if you can’t control yourself inside me. If you can hold back, I’ll rub your balls and be nicer. But again, I want you to feel shame, pain, regret, and a deep feeling of horniness every time you remember what’s between your legs. And the whole time you’d be willing to sacrifice your former ‘manhood’ to please and serve me. Manhood hahahah. Pathetic.”
Sorry if you don’t approve of the content / unsolicited story or fantasy. I just think I should remind you (sounds so stupid now – ofc you know this, but my balls are pathetically weak and I crave to have a woman exploit my greatest weakness for her benefit and my frustration. Make me sign an orgasm agreement or something. Make me go into public and shop for my own panties. Make me ask the hottest cashier for help fitting a pair over my tiny dick / chastity. Make me go on a date and last second be forced to explain why I can’t get hard, let alone orgasm or please a woman. Make me regret being born with a penis. Make me measure up to your bulls and see why my tiny dick is where it belongs. Make me beg, cry, beg some more and make me do whatever you want. Make me drive to your location and be locked totally as a real servant of your choice. Make me go to a nude beach and ask random women to tease, deny, hurt, or humiliate me. Anything. I crave the removal of my control aka manhood. I want to be so sexually frustrated I’d literally do anything and you use it to your advantage. I can’t help but crave and fear that, but you make sure I really really fear it while begging for more and giving you everything you want.
Tl;dr: #IWillDoAnythingJustMakeMe #MyBallsAreTheWayToMyDemise
I only ask that none of my personal friends / family members find out. Aside from that I’m putty. Ugh sorry I’m disgusting. I hope you forgive me and tease me in your sexy outfit I bought you (preferably bikini/ panties and high heels). Knowing I can’t be released, your sexual freedom to rub your ass/ pussy all over my swollen locked cock is literally giving me a hard on right now. I just need a real woman to show me why my balls are my weakness. Kick me in the balls and as I roll around holding my balls you reach from behind and say “I don’t care what you do or how you try, these balls are Undefendable. You can try your hardest to protect them but you can not totally protect them from me. But I’d rather mentally break you also. Beg me to kick you again. Beg me to make you unable to have children. Tell me I deserve it because no woman would ever fuck me anyway (it’s true after all – full disclosure, I haven’t been laid in almost 2 years). Make me earn release, make me think I’ll finally be allowed to release and last second hit my balls so hard my breath gets caught in my throat and all pleasure disappears. Then make me beg for more. Make me beg for a ruined orgasm in the cage with just your vibrator teasing my balls. Make me chauffeur you and your friends, take you all shopping, and do it with a testicle leash, chastity and shock collar on. Make me show any woman who’s curious. Make me be the stunt balls for an all female self defense class (I’d seriously love this and would do it for sure). And make me feel helpless and unsatisfied the entire time. You can’t imagine how easy controlling me would be but I gave you enough ammo to not only control me, but to do it to the point where I may literally agree to sign my life over to you in order to simply be allowed in your presence. But of course I’m forced onto all fours in a humbler and kicked and spanked in the balls until I cry. And then you still continue. “You can’t stop us but we want you to pass out from the pain. You’ll wake up in a random mistresses prison cell. You’ll be given s list of instructions. Disobey or fail a single one and you will remain. You get one shot and you better respect it. You’ve been allowed to see us naked and pick our outfits so our boyfriends will fuck the shit out of us. I hope those balls are so swollen you can’t sit or move around. Because if not, I’ll keep that chastity on indefinitely until I feel like you’ve suffered enough to deserve the privilege of being in my presence. Should we wax or shave those balls? Little sissies need to be clean shaven so the chastity doesn’t pull at the pubes. Why don’t I give this chastity key to one of my friends randomly. You will be tested to figure out which one and then once you know who owns the key, you’ll move in with them temporarily and be forced to earn freedom. After 10 earned releases/ teases/ edges/ denials/ laughing and teasing, I’ll give the keys to my mother and see what she thinks is appropriate. I hate to tell you but she is beyond anti-man. She may just fill that lock with superglue and bury the key in the forest to see you cry in defeat. I’d love to see you explain the situation to your female doctor with a tattoo above your former cock with my number and a message saying to ask my permission before allowing release. “Sissy is on a regulated orgasm training schedule administered by Mistress Lynne. Slavs will do anything to cum. Feel free to tease and laugh, but do not allow orgasm.”
I’m so hard, vulnerable, and I deserve to be destroyed with absolutely no effort. Your pussy is so perfect I can’t imagine even being allowed to see it. But at this point I’d be inclined to sign an agreement forgoing future orgasm simply to be allowed to see you naked, help you pick outfits and lingerie out, buy you wish list items and have my balls serve as your simple way to show me my place. I’d sleep in a cage at the foot of your bed, transfer my bank accounts to your name, sign away my rights and assume a chaste virgin existence. All you’d have to do is tell me what and when you want me to do for you and remind me why I’m so pathetic simply by kicking my balls and making my balls blue. Geeze it’s too easy. I think I’d be a millionaire with a stable of live in eunuchs/ chaste bitches serving me and paying for my everything if I just had a pussy. But instead I was born with a tiny dick no woman finds attractive being told to measure up for freedom or even being lied to about being able to earn release. The idea of being on the edge of orgasm, literally about to cum, before you remove your hands and see my dick twitch helplessly begging for one more second and an orgasm. Instead, you whisper to me to shut up or else and you place an ice cold ice pack on my dick to shrink it to even smaller, pathetic size. Then make me lock myself up again without orgasm. You check to make sure the lock is on properly and you slap my balls and say “I hope those hurt. I don’t need to do anything to control you. You did all of that yourself. But this arrangement makes me so wet. You haven’t cum for 6 months and I’ve denied you an orgasm almost every single day since. Your dick leaks precum helplessly and you still think some day if you’re obedient I’ll allow you to cum inside me. How precious. Keep thinking that baby boy, because we both know you can’t help it and that little dick gets hard for me. Instead I’ll lock you in the closet with your ball leash tied to the wall. You can try masturbating with that cage on while you look through the slats as a real man fucks me. Afterwards I’ll let him decide whether you can cum or if I should use the shock collar to make you give up more freedoms. Maybe I’ll make you sleep outside until I feel that you’ve been humbled sufficiently. We’ll get you a flashlight too. I want to fill it up with numbing cream, put 4 tiny condoms over your dick and give you 60 seconds to cum. Your last chance for this year to release those full balls. Ooh, too bad you can’t feel anything. You can stop early and use your time to face-fuck me with my favorite dildo. I’ll let you get all of my pussy juices all over your face as I cum repeatedly. Give up your rare chance to cum in order to please me and I’ll surprise you. Hint: you’ll be allowed to witness an all-female 3-way handcuffed out of the chastity belt so we can see how much that dick will throb. Don’t get your hopes up. If I let you cum you wouldn’t want to serve me until they filled up again. I prefer to see how weak you are. I can show you my tits for 1 second to distract you. Suddenly you’re distracted and horny. My friend takes advantage and absolutely destroys your balls with a kick from behind. “Wanna see my titties again bitch?
Yes please mistress!!
What would you do?
Absolutely anything. Please tie my balls up tight as can be, tease me and kick me painfully before I’m allowed to spew my wasteful filth. And then make me buy you and your friends a “fuck me” outfit for your dates later. I want to be in so much pain I consider my existence and you grab my balls and remind me I don’t have any control or any memories of what erections or orgasms felt like. Because of it you have me in agreement with anything and everything you want without debate. Any disobedience and the belt stays longer, more friends are invited to humiliate, more money is withdrawn and my frustration grows. It’s a vicious cycle as it makes me want to serve you even further.
To be continued… I feel I should stop typing but my brain will continue to run these fantasies through my pathetic, blood-lacking male brain until a dominant mistress finds use in controlling me absolutely and completely. I’m imagining the tightest CB-2000 or similar model I can find, purchased with help from a sexy young woman while explaining why I’m being forced to buy it and then off to go panties shopping with or without you in person. Potentially on FaceTime so you can explain what I need and the whole store can hear that I’m a pathetic former man who’s balls are owned under lock and key by my mistress Lynne, against my will but I wouldn’t dream of changing the situation. You control me so deeply I’d commit to a chaste life for ever simply to have the idea that you’d allow release. And if I ever accidentally cum in my sleep, you make me regret the accident to the very fabric of my being. Through humiliation, pain, tease/ denial, frustration, and general male patheticness, you get whatever you want and I not only tolerate but I like it, beg for more and pay you a handsome salary for doing so and the promise of continued humiliation. Can’t tell you how excited this makes me. I vow celibacy until I hear from you otherwise.
I pray I talk to you soon. I can’t handle this. I deserve and crave the lace rubbing on my shaved exposed balls as your friends laugh and tease the swollen blue helpless and useless balls. As a party host, greeting your friends nude and handcuffed and hobbled. My balls are for amusement and control. Force me to cater and bartend the event full of the sexiest nude women with one purpose: to make me totally and completely regret having balls, while also feeling helplessly at your whim for any attention and an illusion of potential orgasm – while knowing and being told that not only will I never cum again, but it will hurt worse than anything I can imagine and I will even desire the domination eventually as I accept my position as pussy worshipper, stunt cock/ balls for defense demonstration, orgasm denial torture, cuckolding, ballbusting, cbt and any evil other situations you can imagine. I’ll sign a contract for that if you grab my balls and make me 😇.
Long story short – I crave your attention, you’re divine and I’d gladly give you my supposed manhood for your amusement or destruction and I’ll pay u for the privilege. In person or via text. Or both. #Anything #MyBrainWantsItButMyBallsScreamNo #HandcuffedAndGagged #KickedAndTeasedToTears #AcceptWhatYouGiveMe #RuinedForBeingAllowedToSuckYourTitties
#IDeserveWorse #IWillThankYouForEveryKickAndBegForMore
#TakeMyWalletAndMyManhood #DivineMistress #AnythingForMistressLynne #ICraveYou #NotAPainFanButDominantWomanCanControlMeWithoutEffortAndMakeMeEvenLikeIt
#HumbledAndTied #HowDoYouWantMe
#NotMuchToAskFor #IDontDeserveIt #MakeMeGetSunburnOnMyDickAndBalls #MakeMeTellTheLadiesAtVictoriasSecretINeedPantiesToFitOverChastity #YouMakeMeShowThemAndTheyLaughToo
#ChastityAssignmentPlease #IWantToBeHelpless
God damn ^ I’m seriously pathetic, again, I kno. Please don’t post all of this, most is just for you. Of course your call, but I could do a much better job writing it if you want for your audience so my pathetic cocklet can earn you some money at least, if it can’t even get you wet or horny.
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A reader submission – A way in which your “cock talk” may be helping society…

I was listening to an interview from a gender studies expert and she was breaking down sexual objectification. She was discussing how sexual objectification is not about sexualizing an individual but rather taking away their power by making them a sexual object first and then either discrediting or pushing their accomplishments to the back burner making them an object of enjoyment to the dominant sex rather than a necessity
to their survival.  It was an interesting conversation and she was saying how woman are very quickly becoming the dominant sex in the sense that they make up the majority of higher educated citizens and are very quickly taking over traditionally male dominated industries, like healthcare where it was normal for woman to have a male doctor and in
the future it will be more common for the reverse to be the case as woman will be running healthcare.  As a result of women becoming more in control of things she said that the whole gender dynamic is and will be changing.  Women no longer are reliant on men to survive so they don’t “need” certain traits that have defined relationships in the past like
money and status because they in fact already have all of that. Women will be looking more for what men can bring to their personal lives rather than their survival and can be choosy/specific in what they want. She also said that the dominant gender is the one who usually  sets the tone when it comes to sexual objectification and that we are starting to see the reverse of everything but in a better way.  That as women become more dominant as a gender, they will naturally begin to sexualize and objectify men more. So I guess in a way, when you make the conversation about cock size, you are living proof of the changing society around us.

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A Letter from a Follower of this blog, his in sight, a good read, enjoy!

th61R0UW80Hello Mistress Lynne, I have discovered you website recently and i wanted to share a personal story that can probably give you an interesting view on male submission to women (sorry if i make some mistakes, english is not my first language).

I’m a 22 years old submissive men.

i’ve always been a quiet and docile boy, i’ve always been different than most boy and i was blessed with an higher intelligence and sensibility. when i was 13 i have my first girlfriend, and when i look back at this.. i realize that she actually have all the power… she was the one to say “yes” when i wanted to date her, she was the one who decide everything we do, and she was also the one who decided it was over…

when i was 15 i discovered my love for female dominance when i started to fantasise about my new music teacher, she was a pure goddess, a tall , refined and dominant opera singer with a mesmerizing voice, her grace have touched my soul ! Every week after the music class, i felt extremely arroused and i immediately locked myself in my room to masturbate, thinking about her as a dominatrix, a giantess, a ruthless goddess who rule the entire universe ! I also become more and more extreme, i fantasise about being a footworshiper , her chair, and her toilet ! with this kind of fantasy my orgasm was so strong !

Then my view of women have litterally changed , i started to realise that women are the superior being, they snap their finger and men obey, the boner is a pure sign of submission to women because a men with a boner is under control. there is approximately 100 beautiful goddess for every good looking guy.

i think every violent male are male in denial with a big ego who don’t want to admit that they need to be enslaved by women, they don’t want to admit the hard truth that their only purpose is to make women’s life easier.

a male show is dick ? Women laugh at him. A women jiggle her ass ? men fall to their knees and start jacking off with their mouth watering. a men want a toilet slave ? that gross… a women want a toilet slave ? a ton of men already have their mouth open.
Male are just inferior sex driven creature.

Women dominance is the most natural thing in the world.
I’m aware of this and my only purpose become to give unconditional love and obedience to a women.
Making a women happy is the most beautiful thing a men can do with his life, because happiness is the number 1 birthright of the divine women.

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Letters from Followers, enjoy!

Long time no see/chat. Seen you pop up on my screen more than a few times in the past couple weeks so figured it was fate telling me to say hi again. If I didn’t already have a fairly steady (albeit very vanilla) gf I would be all over that ad. You’re not only a very pretty, gorgeous woman, but your attitude and conversation skills are awesome too. You were, without a doubt, the best part of my one experience at TSF. Anyways, just wanted to say hi again and wish you luck with your ad lol.


By the way…you’re stunningly beautiful. I’m gathering you’re big into purple. Your selection of attire is outstanding. Everything you put on accentuates your gorgeous curves very nicely. You’re very attractive.


Single…what little I see…knock dead body….articulate…obviously intelligent…
successful….uhhh..assertive….exude self confidence….I think I may be in love…!
No…I don’t have a big cock:) …however…like anyone…we make up for our deficiencies…and I may have other attributes that can add value…and promise……don’t look like the elephant man…

I’m intrigued with you…and realize you’re obviously very busy…but would you ever consider meeting for lunch or dinner…? My parents have rental property in the central portion of Ct so down their more often than I care to…so I’m open to work with your schedule if you’d be interested…



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Email from a Follower

Hello Mitress Lynne,

I have just  read your article on  your site and i wanted to say thank  you.

I m a 36 years old man and i love too much woman at a point that i never had sex with one, but à lot of relationship 🙂 Women has too much power over me and love my Way  to be attentive and very sensitive about her needs.

I am  totally agree with your point of view but please do not put all men in the same basket 🙂 for exemple,  my goal is not to have sex with a woman but only pleasing her mentally, with affectation,  présence, humor and physically the Way she likes.

My pleasure is to be able to give her pleasure.

Best regards

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Email from a Follower about My last post, and My response.

Hi Goddess Lynne. You seem to be having terrible luck when it comes to
dating and I was just wondering where or how you are meeting these
individuals? I imagine that you probably get a higher percentage of
jackasses than the average women for sure.  It is such a shame that they
all blow their chances in such terrible and stupid ways seeing as that
they will never encounter someone like you ever again. It is kind of
ironic to. Being in a good relationship with you would most definitely
yield the best sex life that they ever had but they are to dumb to
realize that.  Anywho, don’t worry about it to much as there are plenty
of good vanilla and or submissive men out there one of which you will
cross someday.     

Take care 

The writing was a “metaphor”. Not something that word by word happened recently. A metaphor. I am happy. No worries, Thank you


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